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Is there life on other worlds? Have we been visited?


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  • Is there life on other worlds? Have we been visited?

    So what do you think? Are they watching us? Or, like some think, do you think there may be life on other worlds, but the vast distances involved will forever keep us apart?

    If we were visited by other beings, how do you think we would react?

    Or, do you think we are alone?

    Let me just say that if we are alone, it is a hell of a lot of wasted space.

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    I once heard a really interesting statement concerning aliens trying to contact us. It went something like, "Only a human would be egotistic enough to think aliens are trying to contact just us.....What if they are trying to contact animals in our world?" I thought that was a brilliant observation.
    But, I don't think any are trying to contact us. Maybe they HAVE contacted us and we don't know it.


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      I don't know of any evidence to suggest they are trying or have contacted us!



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        Of course we've been contacted. They just post in the Restricted Areas.
        Dave Kiefner
        [i]Die Wahrheit ist eine Perle. Werfen sie nicht vor die S


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          That's why I wanted in there but you elite type ones won't let me in. Ta'sarion, my symbiote on the home world, told me you would be like that. Ta' even went so far as to suggest my becoming freindly with the homonid types infesting this communication medium, and you would accept me into your ranks.

          So far it's working. I have transmuted several of your females and 3 or 4
          'officers'. You are next.


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            I've transmuted a female or two myself, Mike.

            It's not considered good form to brag about it, though.


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              No brag, just fact.


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                Aliens happy to see us


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                  Of courseI knew they were in the restricted area, but I didn't want to let Mike know that.



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                    Notice that my link now does not work? It's because Mike and his parasite are evil aliens with designs on this world

                    Jim Burnes


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                      Mitzi thinks all the people who post in restricted areas are ALIENS!


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                        LOL Frogman

                        Anything is a guess for me, but I'd like to think there must be life out there in that vast space. Its on my list of things to ask God when I die!


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                          I guess it depends on whom you ask. IF you ask scientists they will tell you life elvoled from a series of steps that occured after this planet was formed to think that those same steps did not happen to other planets in the universe is asking way too much. In that case then yes there is life on other planets and if they have contacted us or any other species on this earth then most are still in the dark about it.

                          If you ask religous sect then you will find that life here was created by a god who formed man in his own image. Since this is a one time deal here. I would also say that if there are other gods out there among the universe maybe they created life on other planets too but I have no way of knowing that. Therefore I would say in this case that no there is not life out there and it is all a wasted space until we get out [email protected]@ off this planet go visit them.

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                            "Sometimes I think the surest sign of intelligent life in outer space is the fact that it hasn't tried to contact us."


                            Ahhh, Calvin and Hobbes was a great comic strip.

                            [ 12-06-2001: Message edited by: Cheese Whizz ]
                            Only two things are infinite-the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not so sure about the universe. -Albert Einstein


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                              I think there is definitely life on other planets but I doubt we have been contacted. The other life is either
                              1) Like us - not intelligent enough to be able to contact or look for other life.
                              2) Looking but hasn't found us.
                              3) Much more intelligent and has found us but hasn't contacted us. Maybe they have some sort of Star Trekkian prime directive to not interfere or maybe we are just so stupid compared to them that they are watching us like we watch animals in nature.
                              4) Extinct. They may have lived and died out long before humans were around. They could have come here, seen dinosaurs, and left.


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