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    Well I figured since I'm not an official officer yet, i would tell you all about one of my very exciting ride alongs. I have had too many too count and all the stories to go with it. Here goes:

    I had never ridden in the morning. I always thought day shift would be lame, but boy was I wrong. I get to the PD at about 8 am and I'm pressuring my sergeant to leave the office, for he was the one I was riding with that day. so we get out on the road at 0810 hrs and hear county Dispatch an ATL on a robbery suspect and last known direction of travel, (two cities away) So Sarge says "Gina, lets go look for this armed robber, think we can find him?" I was all gung ho, "lets do it!" not one minute later we see a vehicle matching the suspect vehicle. we make a u-turn and the dude starts doing evasive moves onto side streets. Sarge calls it in that we think we have the suspect and this was starting to get real cool... So we wait for backup to get closer to our location and after about a minute we have a total of six squads from neighboring cities and he initiates a stop. To no avail... Dude starts FLyin through stop signs and lights and finally decides to pull over after about two minutes. so the are doing the felony Protocol and dude jumps BACK in his car and takes off onto oncomming traffic... so Sarge gets back in and the chase is on again.... Guy was all over the place so Sarge decides it time to make contact to stop him. so first contact makes teh guy spin out... but he backs up somehow and drives down the emabnkment of the freeway and is goign at least 90 mph off an exit all the while Sarge made contact with him about three times but he wasn't gonna stop for nothin. finally the dummy turns down a dead end.. HAHAHAHAHHAAh... and by this time we have ten squad in it the chase and he is completely surrounded. I was pretty much front end to front end with dude.. and I wasn't in my uniform so no vest and I knew it was an armed robery so Im like sorta trying to get small real quick... I just sank in my seat a little. and thoguht.. okay... he's got ten cops pointing guns at him... chill Gina.. finally they pull him out.. and when they searched the vehicle there was a cocked revolver on the passengers seat. UNLOADED.. thank GOD....

    Man.... that was the coolest ride ever.
    Oh... Oh... I know you di-int!

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    Insane 1, that does sound like fun. Did you stick around for the paperwork. The rest of that sarge's shift was a big pita. For every fun thing, there is a good amount of paperwork behind it.


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      Most fun I had, got to fly down 83 from Warren to Timonium Rd in Maryland, responding to a first-degree assault and hit and run on a PERSON (drunk guy got upset at slow moving vehicle, started bumping it, then hit the driver when he pulled over and stopped) with a CHEVY SILVERADO (thankfully, the victim wasn't hurt very badly and didn't have to go to the hospital).

      I was really surprised how many people didn't pull over, or get out of the way when a police car with siren and lights going came up behind them.

      Then again, the first time a cop turned his lights on behind me, it was thirty minutes after midnight (and I was a "provisional" driver at the time). I guess I paniced and didn't know what to do -- then the cop gunned around me and floored it. Whew. I felt silly.


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        I remember as an explorer having pursuits on ride-alongs. But, it was our post rules for explorers to be assigned reports on 5 incidents throughout the night. Well, when your only incident is a 10-80 for a guy who hit a squad and took off while he's drunk, driving a stolen truck, and carrying over 200grams of THC ya kinda have to stick around for the paperwork...if nothing else it helped teach us about the paper shuffling aspects of the job.
        Nobody ever wants to have to fight, but its a darn good idea for someone to know how.


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          Eberyone in my Citizen's academy class went on Ride-alongs. I was very excited about doing so until it came time to do so. I wasn't chicken, I am just so shy, I couldn't ride with a stranger. If I had known the cop persoanlly, I would have. But, I'm not very out going ang I just couldn't ride with someone I didn't know. Everyone thought I was crazy. But, I still feel the same way. If my door bell rings, my husband or son answer it. If I don't know who is at my door, I don't answer it.


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