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Police criticised after Ghana Football tragedy


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  • Police criticised after Ghana Football tragedy

    A terrible tragedy occurred in Ghana recently and over a hundred people were killed after crowd violence led to people being crushed to death. Innocent people tried to flee the hooligans, only to find the gates locked shut. Those near the gates were crushed to death.

    From the latest news, it appears that the police are being blamed.

    For those of us in the UK, this brings back bad memories of the Hillsborough tragedy. Many people lost their lives when too many fans tried to enter a football stadium.

    At Hillsborough, the police were severely criticised, and anybody who defended the police at the time was accused of being insensitive. But, terrible as the tragedy was, I don't think that the police were the root cause of the tragedy. The fact was, at Hillsborough, that many fans turned up without tickets, presumably hoping to gain entrance to the game by buying from touts at the gates.

    Maybe the police made administrative mistakes, but it seems to me to be too simple a solution to say "the police were to blame and the case is closed."

    At Hillsborough, prosecutions were brought against the officers in charge. Although these prosecutions failed, they left a nasty tste in the mouth. It was almost as if a scapegoat was needed to atone for the tragedy. I can sympathise with the families of those that lost loved ones for feeling the need to to have someone to blame, but the actions of the supposedly more rational, such as sections of the media, and political pressure groups, have no excuse, other than using a tragedy to further their own ends.

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    I agree with you entirely on this one, over the years I have noticed that Liverpudlians moan and whinge about everything, you are right, they turned up without tickets and the resulting stampedes were their own doing!!!

    P.s. nice to see Leeds beat Sunderland.. keep up the good work.

    regards ...colinm


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      Beating Sunderland was a good result. I only wish we could have beaten either Newcastle or Middlesborough, and we'd have been in the Champions League again now!

      Anyway, here's to Charlton beating Liverpool next Saturday.


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        Excuse me NARYA but i happen to be a newcastle supporter who was on your side after all sunderland at the stadium of sh*te are old enemies of yors...... anyway were have you been????????

        regards colinm


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          Narya .... forgive the spelling please............ just getting too excited talking about football ( soccer).......


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            No problem! There's no love lost between Leeds and Sunderland, that's true, but I don't think it's anything like as bad as the Newcastle and Sunderland rivalry. The BBC were interviewing a Newcastle supporter on TV a couple of weeks ago. He hated Sunderland so much that he wouldn't wear red. He wouldn't be seen in a red car and he wouldn't eat tomatoes!

            In Leeds, the really bad phrase is, "Manches"...no no i can't bring myself to say it. Liverpool aren't too popular either. Is it just me, or do they get too much media coverage?


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