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Yikes! Where do you Holiday Shop?


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  • Yikes! Where do you Holiday Shop?

    I headed out today to start my Christmas shopping and the traffic into the mall was about 3 kl. long!! No wonder some of my gifts are "you are getting this because I didn't want to wait 5 hours to buy you a gift" gift.

    Anyway, where do you usually do your Christmas/Holiday shopping?

    Do you ever shop on-line?

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    I do some shopping online but not too often because the shipping/handling charge really run the cost up. I sent my parents a gift they will get December 18. I try to shop during a work day so it's not too crowded.


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      Yes the mall at 9 am in the morning on a nice quiet wednesday morning is sooo nice and the crowd is thin like pre holiday saturday. Make getting that one special gift a lot easier. If you go to different places on line you can find some shipping charges that are reasonable and convient.

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        Some sites are even offering free shipping on orders over a certain amount.

        I dunno.. I like the crowds in the malls and stores.. It feels like Christmas then
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          I love Amazon.com, the shipping is very reasonable, everything gets here quick, and ordering is real easy. i also like to buy gift certificates on-line for alot of different stores...no shipping charges on them either. i also use catalogs like Godiva, Rowena's, and Fairytale Brownies. i go by the theory that everybody's gotta eat! my family does not spend alot on each since we have a big family, and no one wants more junk to sit around their houses.

          i usually go to the mall once to see the x-mas decorations. it's my once a year trip. i hate the mall. i would rather have a root canal.
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            I with Rachel. I work myself into a manic yule time frenzy and dive into the trenchs. I figure one day a year I can put up with crowds.


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              I think Nite said it best, something along the lines of........WallyWorld at 3am or words to that affect.

              I couldnt agree more, I absolutely hate dealing with all the crowds that are present during all the normal shopping hours. You have to hunt for a parking spot. You have to wait for the cart guy to go round up more carts. You have to kick little old ladies out of your way to get up and down the isles. You have to watch for the rugrats running around and listen to some irate mother going ballistic on her kid cause she is tired of having to snatch the little bugger off of the toy isle every five minutes. And then when your finished shopping you have to wait at the check out line forever waiting to be greeted by some frenzied over worked under paid cashier who has smiled and said "Hi how are you today?" for the 5000th time.

              Merry Christmas!


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                Yeah, anyone who is a member here and doesn't know by now he shops at Walmart just isn't in touch!


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                  I'd have to agree with Nite and SpecOps, the wonderful world of Wally at about 3am is an excellent place to get in some good shopping.
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