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    Arizona Republic(Reuters) Date line Nov 4 2001

    Arizona police officer Michael "10mm" Sybilowsky was led away in tears today, handcuffed like so many of his victims were. In yet another sad day for law enforcement, Mr. Sybilowsky admited that it was not evil guns that killed people, but it was him. He and he alone has been killing people in a large statewide area that has confounded profiling experts for weeks, who have been looking for a beige colored ex-swat team truck with what witnesses describe as a militia clad white male, and a partial tag # starting with 555, or a red ford pickup with Florida plates, with a very ugly white woman driving.

    In testimony obtained from local news affiliates, Mr. Sybilowsky was reported to have alledgedly probably boasted of his skills on an all police officer internet site along with other officers. Many of his fellow forum members were tight lipped as he was led away, and the few decent civilian members breathed a sigh of relief as the reign of terror ended.

    Several members were quoted as saying how he was such a quiet guy, shy and unassumming. "We never thought it could happen here," said one member who requested his name and jeep license plate be witheld.

    More as this tragic story develops....

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    The above poster is a prime example of why abortion is a good idea.
    Also, English classes and grammar in general are highly recommended for this short bus passenger. [Wink]


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      Troll alert.


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        Originally posted by Mike Tx:
        Troll alert.

        Wait, I thought that was you. Under a new name, that is. [Wink]
        You're the only one who calls me Sybil.

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