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Thomas the Tank Engine frightens kids


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  • Thomas the Tank Engine frightens kids

    ooooohhhhhhh...the horror, the horror, the horror!!!!!

    and please protect them should they EVER meet a purple dinosaur for REAL!!

    Reuters ^ | 3-10-03

    Crash-prone Thomas the Tank Engine frightens kids

    LONDON (Reuters) - Thomas the Tank Engine shows too many crashes and may be making children frightened of going on a train, according to a psychologist. The animated television series featuring the little steam engine's adventures, a hit in Britain for almost 20 years, has been broadcast in more than 130 countries.

    Brian Young, a psychology lecturer at Exeter University, told the Times that the large number of accidents in the programmes could have a negative influence on children.

    "Thomas the Tank Engine is aimed at a pre-school audience who tend to be more likely to see the programme as a reality," said Young, an expert on how children react to TV programmes.

    There is evidence that children who watch programmes that consistently portray the same image tend to think there is more danger than there actually is, he explained.

    "As a result there is a possibility that the sheer amount of crashes they see on Thomas could frighten them," Young said. "Seeing lots of crashes on TV means they could end up absolutely terrified of going on a train."

    The Times quoted a spokesman for ITV, which broadcasts the show, as saying it was confident the series was suitable for children.

    Thomas is owned by media company Hit Entertainment, along with Barney the Dinosaur, Bob the Builder and other animated characters.

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    The only thing that is scary about Thomas the Tank Engine is the cost of the toy train set.

    Speaking of Bob the Builder. I think Bob has a thing for Wendy.

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      Man, I remember Thomas the Tank Engine in England before they brought him over... Kooky psychologists...
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        My son LOVES Thomas the tank engine (& Bob the Builder). And, I have to admit, that from a Dad's perspective, I think they're both pretty good too (Thomas is no Road Runner or Bugs Bunny, but I suppose those were different times ).

        Metp: I think next season they're going to have Wendy get pregnant. Then the big question will be "Is it Bob's?!"
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