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Notorius B.I.G heirs sue LAPD


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  • Notorius B.I.G heirs sue LAPD

    They are claiming that the LAPD conspired to murder B.I.G.. Is it just me, or does look like a ploy for nothing more than money.

    CNN story
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    I don't know much about LAPD or the "Rampart" scandal (except for the MAXIM article ), but if one of their officers could conspire with his girlfriend to rob the bank she managed (not to mention the supposed - and, from what I've read here about the general condition of the LAPD, I tend to believe it wasn't 'supposed' - wide spread scandals and corruption in the ranks, at least their "CRASH" unit), I don't think very much I'd hear would surprise me.

    Still, I think this is a silly lawsuit. Didn't B.I.G. have bodyguards? He certainly should have.

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      OK, so a driveby or whatever got him. He would have gotten the electric chair anyway someday. Since when do the police have any duty to protect known violent gang members from other bangers? Sounds like natural selection at work.
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        Originally posted by ateamer:
        Sounds like natural selection at work.
        AMEN Brother!

        Like, "who cares?"
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          Anyone who has kept up on current events for the last five to ten years should know:

          You can sue pretty much anbody, pretty much anytime, pretty much anywhere.


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