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embarrassing or what?


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  • embarrassing or what?

    Some years ago I worked a system called unit beat policing which covered an area with a number of officers covering a set shift pattern and a spare officer on foot. This officer would fill in with a change of shift if anyone was on a course or on the sick.

    One officer on our rota was long in service, idle when at work and married to an ogre who had a face that could turn milk. Consequently shift members would take great pleasure in winding him up......... when he was the lateshift spare man nightshift officers would take turns in phoning in sick the day before causing the duty inspector to call out the constable on an extra nightshift!!

    His wife became so annoyed by these extra nightshifts allocated to her husband she called into the station one day to complain to the Divisional Commander... this was without her husbands knowledge and much to his embarrassment!!!!!!

    Does anyone else have knowledge about husbands/ wives or partners calling into stations to remonstrate with bosses

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    Yikes! My husband is not a police officer but I would NEVER embarass him like that. We had an incident that was really touchy but I think I handled it well.
    He had a boss I could not stomach much less stand. Simply could not abide the man. He thought he was better then anyone under a certain job description and, yep, that's where my husband was.
    He had one of his flunkies call one day because he was upst that the answering machine had inadvertently left off at our house, a rare occurance. I explained to his flunkie that it was an accident. He shoots back with, "Well, Mr. Dumb*** want's to know why YOU can't remember to check it."
    I said, "Excuse me, but I only let my husband's job interfere just so far in our home and you have stepped too far." Well, he hangs up and calls back and informs me that Mr. Dumb*** said that if it's let off again because IIIII forgot to check it, he would have it taken out and and would dock my husbands pay!
    He pushed me too far. So, I told him to go ahead and I would send a picture of his illegal company car to his boss.
    Then, I hung up and burst into tears, thinking I had just cost my husband his job.
    My husband comes home later, smiling at me and I'm going, "I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" He put his arms around me and said, "I sided with you, hon. He had absolutely no right whatsoever calling here and threatening you and upsetting you with anything".
    A few months later, this "boss" was demoted for poor job performance! ))


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      I was at the receiving end of one of those calls. I'll just change the positions so as not to have anyone recognize the situation..

      I got a call from one of my sgts. wife yelling and swearing at me because her husband had to work so much overtime and who did I think I was and how was she supposed to have a life.

      She went on for about 8 straight minutes. She was obviously in a state of distress so I spent about half an hour explaining to her that we were going through a rough period and her husband was a very valuable resource and I was sorry ecteras. She had calmed down a bit.

      I never told her husband she had called. However, she told him and when he came to see me he was so humiliated and embarrassed. I told him not to worry about it on my part and we talked for awhile. Turns out he wanted the overtime but we still reviewed the schedule to see if there was something we could do to help the situation.


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        It's nice that you were considerate of both of them, wonderwoman. I know, when my son was little, my husband traveled a lot. And, when he WAS home, he just wanted to relax. Well, I finally just lost it one night because I never got a chance to relax. Our son was a poor sleeper and I was sleep deprived a lot of the time. It seemed like I never had a moment to myself or with my husband and it had to stop. But, I didn't call his boss. We worked it out between us. He got to relax after I fixed supper and did the dishes. I got 2 hours to myself after my son was bathed and dressed for be. It was really a relief and I sure looked forward to those 2 hours! We made an effort on the weekends to spend more tome together.


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          Its hard Mitzi....... no doubt about it... but you certainly made it having been married 31 years!! Good for you!!!


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            We had an officer working days in detectives that got assigned to nights on patrol shift to make way for another officer to get assigned to detectives. His wife marched in & (supposedly) had a very stern talk with the chief. When she left the decision was to keep him in detectives. His fellow officers wouldn't let him live it down though for some time.


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              Regarding the posts so far in this thread, I can only think:
              "Don't get me started, don't even get me started"!


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