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Another chance at OJ justice


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  • Another chance at OJ justice

    It hasn't hit the national media yet.

    This morning, FBI, DEA and Miami-Dade police served a search warrant on OJ Simpsons home.

    From what has been on the local news so far, the warrant pertains to drug trafficking (cocaine and ecstacy) and pirated satellite TV cards.

    Wonder if he can afford Cochran this time?

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    When is he gonna learn

    (from Next Friday)

    You can't mess wit da PO-lice
    You can't mess wit da PO-lice!



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      He won't learn, but I would have really enjoyed serving that warrant.


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        The media came for the ride. They had video of him answering the door in his robe.


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          MIAMI, Florida (AP) -- The FBI and federal drug agents searched the home of former football great O.J. Simpson early Tuesday, but authorities refused to give a reason for the search.

          The warrant was served by the FBI, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and the Miami-Dade Police Department, according to Detective Ed Munn, a spokesman for the countywide police agency.

          Agents arrived at Simpson's house around 6 a.m. Eastern Standard Time, he said, and the former football great was at home.

          Simpson attorney Yale Galanter did not immediately return a call seeking comment.

          Munn refused to say if the warrant was drug-related.

          "Obviously it's a joint investigation and I'm sure that once the facts are gathered at his house, then we'll know more what this is all about."

          The incident was not Simpson's first with the law since he moved to the neighborhood 15 miles southwest of Miami.

          He was acquitted in a Miami trial October 24 of grabbing another driver's glasses and scratching the man's face in an alleged road-rage argument Simpson insisted was started by the other guy.

          Refused to say it was drug related?????
          Would the DEA be there if it was over anything else?


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            I guess he has to make a living somehow. If they done the correct thing in the first place, he wouldn't have been out on the street.
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              I maintain that the police did.....the jury dropped that ball while wading through the smoke and mirrors.

              Besides, to any of you OJ lovers.........he's a fuggin murderer. He beat the criminal rap, but he didn't beat the civil one.


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                Ha! Good to hear this. I hate when guilty people get off.
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                  Hopefully this time he will get years and lots of them, lets all pray that the D.E.A. pulled about 10 kilos out of his house!


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                    Of course it's drug related. They said it was a 'joint' investigation.


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                      When he was being prosecuted for "road rage", he stood with his lawyers while they gaev a press conference. He looked so ridiculous, playing to the camera, shaking his head, giving this :innocent" look while smiling and knodding his head. I wanted to punch him in the mouth. There was very little justice for Nicole and Ron but someday, this man is going to get his.


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                        ANOTHER CASE OF RACIAL PROFILING!

                        Give it time. This guy cannot escape the system forever. His telfon coating must be getting thin with all of the shots he keeps taking.

                        Of course this whole Florida thing will turn out to be a giant conspiracy, at least that is what OJ will tell us.
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                          I think it would be appropriate if one of his next victims was one of his former jurors, or maybe one of his defense lawyers.


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                            Originally posted by MikeTx:
                            Of course it's drug related. They said it was a 'joint' investigation.
                            Dog-gone it all to heck Mike, you beat me to this one!
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