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    Anybody have any tips on cleaning them? I have a Chrysler Town and Country with those spoked Chrome wheels, the front ones in particular are fouled up with brake pad dust (I guess) I've tried many products, scrubbing, and even a steam cleaner without much luck. Any tips would be greatly appreciated
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    after you clean them, a nice coat of car wax will make future cleanings alot easier.


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      From a detailers point of view:
      Chrome and wire wheel cleaner available from eagle 1, I have a long handled soft brush that gets in every crevice to clean things like that with. You can also try something like castrol super clean in a spray bottle. Do one at a time tho!


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        I've used the Eagle1 and it's pretty good. I've also used the Turtle Wax liquid polish that comes in a red bottle. Both worked really well. I just use one of those red shop rags or those blue 'industrial' paper towel things that they sell at Auto Zone/Chechers/Kragen... You may want to try some of that foaming wheel cleaner that you spray on and rinse off with a hose, I think armor all makes it. You can get away with not polishing after that usually depending on how shiny you want your wheels.
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          Most sports car's have after-market brake dust guards.

          Vaseline works on un-polished aluminum wheels, should work on yours! Its also good for restoring dried leather, but find a small unseen section to test first cause it could muck-up the die.


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            If the wheels are chrome and not plastic coated you can achieve optimum results by using SOS pads.

            They clean very well and leave a coating/finish that will resist the brake dust longer than any product I have ever tried...
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              Originally posted by David:
              If the wheels are chrome and not plastic coated
              That NOT PLASTIC COATED can't be stressed enough. I used to use the SOS on my motorcycle's chrome. Worked very well.

              Or you can just use a VERY fine steel wool, then polish them with a chrome polish.

              The older I get, the less particular I am about my vehicles (as far as looks go.) Drive through car was every week or so is good enough most of the time. I've even been known to pay somebody else to wax 'em for me!

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                On another note heres a thought from me. Im in military and here you can spot the civiliand and the Military undercover cars from a mile away. They either are an Impala or other type cop car either Fixed up real nice with good lookin rims or the All Black rims. why is that?


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