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Racial Profiling


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  • Racial Profiling

    Racial Profiling

    I worked the streets of this city for more than 30 years before I first heard the term "driving while black." I didn
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    I been a cop long enough to see that that cops like to put bad guys in jail and it don't matter what skin tone they are.
    Those racist terms are used by people who don't live in the real world.


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      They, the press and left wingers, keep telling us how the police stop people just because they are black. I drive by people all the time that are driving whilest black, but I don't stop them. Why does not the press report this.

      If you are an officer and work an area that is predominently black are they not supposed to stop black people. That would be prewtty hard to do if you ask me.

      I watched a story on the local news the other day about a CHP officer that had stopped a lady in Sacramento. She was written a ticket for no vehicle registration. When asked by the TV reporter why she was stopped she said is was because she was black, not the fact that she hadn't paid her registration for the last couple of years. I guess she must be exempt from keeping her vehicle registered because she is black.

      Some of these people are starting to beleive their own press on this racial profiling thing!
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        The above points are well-made, but I believe there is an element of racial profiling in some departments, including the small town where I live.

        Case in point: Back when I served on my local police commission, the chief explained how he had been running radar one afternoon as the shift was changing at a company in town (in a small town, even the chief runs radar). One vehicle came by doing 5 over and he ran the tag. It came back with a Hispanic name. He told us how he knew that the company employed a lot of Hispanics and many of them didn't have valid licenses. He stated that he would normally let someone doing 5 over go, but decided to make the stop because of the Hispanic name. This, BTW, was in a public meeting that was being recorded . Sure enough, the driver had no license and received a citation.

        If that's not racial profiling, I don't know what is. Granted, this is just a single individual and it's not a large department. But I have to wonder how many officers use the same line of thinking in some of their stops.
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          I feel that Police Officer need to Police our own. If you hear a felow officer saying something negative about another culture we have a duty to address that with the offcier. Police Officers are a product of society, it is important that we as police try and educate our comrads in cases like this. My department in a few more months are going to have to star filling out a form everytime we stop someone, I say this is Bull Crap, Just because some stupid *** politician thinks that this will solve the problem. I do Profiling myself all the time" I Profile Criminals" they are creatures of habit if they happen to be white, black, asian, hispapnic, a bad guy is a bad guy. I discourage any officer from stopping citizens solely for the color of the skin, in a perfect world it would not happen, but guess what people we are not in a perfect world. It is up to the Real Police, Not The man behind the Badge to dogg out any officer they observe doing such a disrespectful thing to us who really adhere to the creed To Serve and Protect. Stay Safe


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            I really get tired of people saying I stopped them because of the color of their skin. I stopped them because I had probable cause to contact them. I do not care what color, religion or sexual orientation anyone is. If I have probable cause to make a stop, I'll make a stop based on the probable cause. A large majority of the time, I may not even know what the person looks like I am stopping prior to the stop.

            I look at the racial profiling kick as a lame excuse by some firebreathers to try and make a name for themselves.
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              The term racial profiling originated in the great state of NJ....The term came after the NJ State Police were doing a very aggressive job of drug interdiction stops on the turnpike and getting terrific results. Well certain members of certain minority groups were the ones being caught in large numbers....So they decided to get together form a public interest group with Al Sharpton and hense the term racial profiling came into play. Personally I dont think there is any such thing...Criminal Profiling yes..>Racial...I dont believe it..If so exsists in very small numbers of officer doing it.....How are you supposed to tell what color the occupants of a vehicle are traveling on the turnpike doing 85 mph at 2am in the morning....Unless the NJ State Troopers had night vison built in their eyes to get hired..dont see how that practice is even possible


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                Racial Profiling....

                Hmmm, that there guys got white skin and blonde hair, Hmmmmm, he nust be a white guy.

                Ohh look, that other guys got black skin and dark hair, hmmmm, he must be black.

                Am I missing something?

                Stopping someone SOLELY on the color of their skin is not profiling, it's discrimination.

                99.999% of Police Officers look at the Totality of circumstances when making a stop, sometimes race is a factor.

                Dispatcher; " Unit 69, robbery just occurred at the Choke and Puke on the Highway to Hell. Suspect was a green male with a white t-shirt, blue jeans and driving a newer blue Chevy 2 door."

                Does it make sense to stop every blue Chevy regardless of the color of the driver? Of course race plays into stops. Race is part of what defines us.

                Is it racial profiling to stop ONLY green skinned drivers?
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                  I was just issued the new and improved "racial profiling" ticket books. 5 more boxes to complete to comply with Fed data collecting guidlines. No biggie to me, I don't "profile by race alone". I got the race card pulled on me for the first time last Friday while investigating a traffic accident. Man flat out lied to me....2 children were removed from the scene before I got there. (6 people in a Mustang, 3 were children age 4-6) Only 4 people with car while taking info. Standing in the rain with this clown blowing smoke at me wasting time while calls are stacking. Did he get POPO tickets....yes. Justified, I did not make anything up. Was it because he was_______ no. He was just a jerk interfering with an investigation and lying to the police.


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                    Moving this to various topics.


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