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Bruce, you done good!


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  • Bruce, you done good!

    Do yourselves a favor.

    Skip seeing Dark Blue, and go see Bruce Willis in Tears of the Sun.

    I wont go into detail, don't want to spoil it for those of you that haven't seen it yet.

    I'm surprised that Hollywood didn't try to boycott this one. It portrays US soldiers as professionals with a job to do. How could that happen?

    By the end of the movie you'll be all misty and glad you were born in America.

    Just don't take the little kids. There are some scenes that aren't too pleasant to watch.

    Bruce, You done good!

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    Yup, and none of the foreign distributors will pick up the film either. That was one of the reasons that I made sure to see it this weekend. I wanted to try to help it reach #1 at the box office.
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      Bruce is a conservative and very pro-America. He's also supporting us going into Iraq.

      Apparently, he went so far as to see if he could get a waiver to enlist in the military. Not 100% sure that there was no publicity angle attached to that, but even if there was, it's an angle I'd like.


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        As in any controversial issue, it's the bad guys that get the publicity - whether it's an incompetent doctor, a crooked cop or a sloppy auto mechanic. Fortunately, a good story does turn up at times. That's why I never judge anyone by their race, occupation, religion, etc. There is good in any group, even the "Hollywood crowd."

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          I'm proud to see Bruce Willis being outspoken about supporting the country that supports him. Being the Average Joe that I am, I don't have the platform to reach thousands of people at a time and make my patriotic attitude known - thank goodness he chooses to.

          I plan to see "Tears Of The Sun" as soon as I get the chance. And if it's as good as the previews make it look, might see it a few times.

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            And here I thought this thread was a big pat on the back to Bruce Jenner in "I am a celebrity, get me out of here!" LOL

            What a dumb reality show that was...
            "It is easier for a king to have a lie believed than a beggar to spread the truth."---Robert Strecker


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