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  • Criminology?

    I'm considering a career in L.E and I was just wondering if there are many criminologists out there? I'm a college student and I think criminology is a very interesting subject.(I'm thinking about possibly going for my B.A in it at FSU.

    I was just wondering if there are any criminologists at any departments? I'm guessing only at really big departments would have them?

    I've heard of criminologists being seperate from a regular LEO but does anyone else on here know of any criminologists? any help/info is much appreciated. : )


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    My dept has a "Crime Trend Analysis Group". They uh well....analyze trends in crime. You looking for something like this?
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      thanks for the reply

      yes that's what I'm looking for. Criminologist try to "understand" the criminal and predict future crimes. Atleast that's my understanding of them.

      I'm really interested in both CJ and psychology and I think that's a cross between the both.

      Is that group consist only of way experienced LEOs?


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        Most work that criminologists do is of an academic nature and does not directly apply to agency-level police work. Criminologists seek to come up with theories about why people commit crimes. These people are found more in the academic world than in law enforcement agencies. If you want to be a criminologist, you're probably going to end up a university professor. Most agencies don't have the money or the desire to employ people to do research as to the root causes of crime in society, as there is no definitive answer to that question.

        Agencies do use crime mapping to determine areas where resources should be focused. Many of these people have CJ degrees and are researchers, but mainly focus on statistics.


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          Thanks for your info on it. I'm thinking of getting my B.A in Criminal Justice and possibly a duel Master's degree in Criminology and Public Administration.

          I guess just having that extra knowlege wouldn't hurt.


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            Based on my experiences as a PO, I would suggest a working knowledge of the Spanish language is extremely crucial for not only conducting investigations and helping people, BUT also for you and your fellow officers safety.

            Knowing spanish also opens a lot of doors not available to most non-spanish speaking spanish women's doors..




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              FSU has a very good reputation in the CJ academic field; so, you are making a good choice as far as that goes.

              As for job satisfaction, you are probably going to have to go to a big metro department to do what you want to do and be a local cop. Otherwise, you may have to look state or federal.
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                Believe it or not there are no credible criminal justice 4-year or master programs in Cleveland. The two closest are Youngstown State Univ.(class of 93' thankyou) and the ultra liberal Kent State Univ.

                Guess which one has the Law Enforcement Admin. program and which one has the Criminology program. Guess which program is about as useful as a degree in basket weaving.

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                  yes plan(right now atleast) is to go for a M.A.P.A double graduate major in Criminology and Public Administration after I complete my B.A degree.

                  I've heard FSU has a good CJ department, but are there any other schools out there that are considered better? Is there one school that really stands out and impresses?

                  And as far as spanish speaking I know some of the basic stuff from some of my classes but I don't know if I can learn it all. I wish I would've gotten started on it when I was like 10.


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                    PatrickM98 was sooo on the money in his reply! My University has a few Criminologists on staff in the Sociology department and all they do is research and teach! If you like that kind of thing, it will be up your alley 'cause it takes a different person to want to do that kind of work!

                    I am currently minoring in Criminolgy, so I guess that somewhat qualifies me to speak, but Patrick said it better than I ever could have!

                    It sounds as if you have a solid plan and focus, best of luck to you! Knowledge is power and it can't hurt to have too much of it!

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