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    But, what if the right lane is blocked and you can't move over?
    This brings up an interesting question. It made me remember an incident I had with the Missouri HP.

    A couple of months ago, I was driving on a four lane highway (two lanes in either direction) with a posted 70 MPH speed limit. I was slowly but surely passing a convoy consisting of six tractor-trailer rigs end to end in the right lane. The trucks were moving at about 65-68 MPH (approx) and my needle was resting comfortably at about 72. As I am about midway past the convoy, three trucks behind me and three in front of me, I notice a Highway Patrol car lit up like a Christmas tree coming up behind me. Here's my dilema: I'm boxed in. I have all the trucks on my right with no room to squeeze between them and a HP car about ten feet off of my rear bumper. I wasn't sure if he wanted to pull me over or if he wanted to get by, but either way, we weren't accomplishing anything given our situation. I decided to get out of his way and accelerated quickly until I was clear of the first truck at which point I moved over into the right lane and then onto the shoulder as I slowed to a stop. I probably reached about 85 MPH in order to get clear of the first truck. Anyway, he pulled in right behind me. To make a long story short, he explained that he was on his way to a call, but felt compelled to stop me for driving 80+ MPH in front of him. I explained why I had done so and that I felt it was justified under the circumstances. He told me to have a nice day and proceeded on his way. Anyway, I appreciated the fact that he did not issue me a ciation, but also found it funny that he was going somewhere important enough to justify code 3, yet had time to stop me for 15 MPH over.

    How would you all have handled the situation? I know that I would have been grateful that a motorist got out of my way when I had to get somewhere in a hurry.

    BTW-Sorry I got off of the original topic.
    C. Davis

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      I find this problematic for several reasons:

      1) It should have been obvious to the officer that you were accelerating so that he could get by. I guess your only other options would have been the left shoulder (if there was one) or to activate your right-turn signal and see if the trucks would let you in on the right. Nontheless, it shouldn't take a brain surgeon to figure out why you did what you did.

      2) As you mentioned, whatever the nature of the call he was responding to, he obviuosly felt it was important enough to respond 10-33. If that's the case, why would he delay his response time to chat with you on the side of the road? The only way I can see doing that is if the observed violation is significantly more dangerous than what he was responding to (i.e. seeing a drunk driver bouncing curb-to-curb while responding to a 911 hangup). Even though you were speeding, I assume you were under control and reduced your speed as soon as you could pull to the right.

      Overall, this sounds like a poor choice on the trooper's part.
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        I saw a car chase, cops chasing a stolen vehicle, come through a street at my corner and the cars that didnt get out of the way all got hit by the stolen car. They did help in that they slowed the vehicle down somewhat but if you hear a siren behind you, and see the flashing lights, its not cos the cops have hot food they need to get back to the station.

        Anyway the perps were caught - two fifteen year old girls. One who burts into tears and gave it up as soon as they were caught and one who fought for her life and it took four officers to get her down and cuffed.
        Daisy NY


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          I was running 10-33 to an accident once. This one car just wouldnt get out of my way, I cycled through all the siren frequencies and hit the air horn a few times. You know what finally got his attention. The cars regualar factory horn. What a joke.


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            I was going to make a stop before just for a headlight out and as I have my lights on the car pulls in her driveway..no big deal but a car going in the other direction didnt stop for me instead drives by looking at me and I had to slam on the brakes for him because he wasnt going to stop and I sure as heck didnt want to get hit. So I said hey screw the headlight so I flipped around and stopped and cited him for failure to yeild to a emergency vehicle.
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              in response to thre remark about the caprice's if you happen to watch an episode of america's wildest police chases where 2 chevy caprices are chasing a mercedes, and the mercedes blows them both off, it takes a ford mustang w/ a 5.0 under the hood to chase him down and stop him? real car? haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh you may have guessed i'm a ford person all the way and by the way: NEVER send a chevy to do the job of a ford


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                I don't know why this is, but I found that folks seem to respond better to the "wig-wag" headlights than to anything else. I've had radio cars with light bars and no wig-wags that folks just didn't seem to get the message from. And I've had "slick tops" with either a red spot light, or red dash light & "wig-wags" that really moved traffic out of the way.
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