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Four-legged Hostage Turns, Bites Man


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  • Four-legged Hostage Turns, Bites Man

    Summit County sheriff's deputies responded to a domestic dispute on Tuesday.

    NewsChannel5 reported things took an unexpected turn when the suspect took their police dog hostage.

    Edward Nemeth allegedly said he was going to burn down his girlfriend's home. When police arrived, they said he spat at them and threatened to kill Griff, their K-9 partner.

    Nemeth allegedly slammed Griff and held him by the head, but Griff broke free and bit Nemeth, WEWS reported.

    Officers were then able to use a Taser gun to shock Nemeth and cuff him.

    "These dogs are trained to give the ultimate sacrifice," said Kathy Wilmoth of the Summit County Sheriff's Department. "They're there so I can home safe at so my partner can come home safe at night. He and I went home without a scratch because Griff fought a fight for his life and Griff won."

    Nemeth has been connected to a string of recent armed robberies.
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    Now that is taking a bite out of crime.

    Good dog.

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    between you
    and all the money in the world.

    And no you can't have any.


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      Hope he used doggy mouth-wash after.

      Good Dog!
      Molly Weasley makes Chuck Norris eat his vegetables.



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        Originally posted by 1sgkelly
        Now that is taking a bite out of crime.

        Good dog.

        I am sorry, I fell out of my chair on this one. Damn, this is the second time I fall today.

        This is a really funny story though. Thanks for sharing.


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          Dawg gone, that is what keeps this K-9 guy going strong.
          I'll bet he got a steak that night.

          Thank you Photogrrlz

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            What a reject!


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              Wish I could have seen the ghy face when the dog bit him!


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                heres the dog that took the bite out of crime.



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                  Originally posted by k9dawgcop1985
                  heres the dog that took the bite out of crime.

                  You owe me a pair of shorts, I just crapped my pants thinking he was coming after me.


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                    Great story and great dog.

                    He is beautiful.
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                      Hope he's had his shots.
                      "Well I'm here now, so deal with it."


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                        I think a police dog would have shots up to date...


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                          nothing to see here
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                            Good point,you wouldnt think a K9 would just let a perp put his hands on him with a gun,K9s know better,and if he was deployed then the officer surley would have given an order or done something.


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                              You are right onacl, there is more to the story.About the only thing right about the above blurb is that it was a domestic and K-9 Griff bit the bad guy. Both television stations (including the one where the blurb came from) televised the correct information. I have NO idea where the hostage thing came from. I am K-9 Griff's handler. I do not post to many websites, but a friend e-mailed to advise me about this thread and what was being written so I feel the need to reply. I will try to make this as concise as I can. I am sure I will be leaving out some things, but will cover the main happenings.
                              The first 911 call came in as an unwanted. Suspect had broken furniture, was "out of control" per the victim, and had threatened to burn the house down with the victim and her children inside. The suspect left the residence before we arrived the first time. The other responding Deputy left to go back to our office and type a warrant for our suspect. K-9 Griff and I had another Deputy riding with us this night---we stayed mobile in the area. A second 911 came in saying the suspect was back and was verbally fighting with the victim and was again breaking furniture. The suspect was described as a white male, 6'2", 220lbs. drunk and out of control. As we entered the residence we found the suspect standing quietly in a long dining room with a large wooden table in the center of the room. My human partner ordered the suspect to go to his knees, cross his ankles and lock his fingers behind his head, to which he complied. K-9 Griff and I took a guard position about 7-8 feet away from the suspect. As the Deputy got the right cuff on the suspect, the suspect suddenly became agitated, rose up, pushed the Deputy out of the way like he was a fly, and lunged at Griff and I, stating he was going to KILL the dog. This guy went from 0 to 100 in a second.
                              Griff took an automatic, countering the suspect's attack. The suspect grabbed each side of Griff's neck and slammed him into the wooden table. Griff reattacked. Griff's launch and momentum knocked the suspect backwards and he fell with Griff on top of him---breaking furniture as they fell. The suspect was bitten in the face (lost part of his lower lip), head and right hand. This suspect felt NO PAIN. The suspect shouted he was going to "break the dog's neck!" The fight continued until the suspect was tased--not once, but twice. Griff was pulled away from the suspect and the suspect was placed on his stomach and cuffed. Griff was put in a guard position. The suspect again began to struggle and as a Deputy was removing the broken chairs from around the suspect's legs, the suspect kicked the Deputy in the femur. Griff threatened re-engagement and the suspect quit fighting, but not before spitting a mouthful of blood at Griff and I and stating he was going to kill Griff and I. This suspect had previously done 13 years for armed robbery, had been arrested for Domestic Violence and Aggravated Trafficking in Marijuana by our Department in December of 2005 (was out on bond) and 4 hours prior to our encounter with him, he had committed an armed robbery at a Subway----he had nothing to lose!!!! In addition to his December 2005 charges, he is charged with Domestic Violence, Assault on a Police Officer, Assault on a Police Dog, Weapon under Disability, Multiple armed robberies (Subway was not the only one), and 2 Counts of Intimidation. He is being looked at for other robberies in our area. Myself and the other Deputy who rode with me that night, went home safe and unharmed because K-9 Griff did his job and did it well. I just had to tell the scaled down true version of this incident. By the way, blueronin, Griff has all of his shots!!!!! Thanks for letting me put in my 2 cents!
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