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  • Daylight savings time

    It takes me about a week to get used to it.

    Personally I don't like it and wish they would stop daylight savings time. It's to hard to get used to and we don't really need it, and I really don't care for it getting dark at 9:30 in July and daylight near 8:00 in the fall.

    As you may know, daylight savings time was invented by a relative of Jim Burnes who, when he discovered his blanket was too short, took 12 inches off the top and sewed it on the bottom!

    Daylight savings time: Yea or Nay?

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    Originally posted by MikeTx:

    Daylight savings time: Yea or Nay?
    Daylight savings is a royal PITA for me. It was bad enough when I lived where it was used. As Mike posted, took some time to get used to it.

    However, Arizona is NOT (one of only two states that aren't) on daylight savings (that is except for the Navajo Reservation)on it. So having the state split up is a pain. Also having two of my kids who are an hour ahead of me during the winter NOW being on the same time is a PITA. And having a third kid, and my closest buddy on the same time as I am during the winter, NOW being an hour behind me, is a PITA.

    It's enough of a PITA to have to deal with the "normal" time changes of crossing the time zones, without throwing in the DST as well. I actually like to have it lighter later, and don't care much about it being dark in the morning. I'd as soon everyone went to the DST year around!
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      If you go by a world atlas that shows the world's time lines, you would see the line between the Central and Mountain Standard Time zones running South from Saskatchewan and North West Territories border just about down the centre of the Province to about the middle point, then it dog legs to the West. However, the Province held a vote many years ago and decided that the entire Province would be on the same time zone and would NOT go on Daylight Savings Time.

      So, as of last night, we are 1 hour ahead of B.C., the same time as Alberta, 1 hour behind Manitoba and 2 hours behind Ontario (which would not be a bad thing, except when I try to phone my Mom!)
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        You're right!

        These time zones are a PITA too!

        I think we should eliminate all time zones and everybody use the same one. UT, GMT, Zulu...lets all get together on the same sheet of music. No more waking up the parents when you try to call them from Guam to say hello.

        Look how smooth everything is going now that the US has accepted the Metric System

        But seriously, look on the bright side. Most people loose an hour of sleep when we "Spring Forward." But for me the night shift went by really fast!


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          Yeah, just wait until you 'fall back'!


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            I love the longer daylight hours but this sucks, how can it be 2 pm ALREADY !! So much to do, so little time.... (but I always make time to come here and annoy my buddies.. )

            I'm not a morning person to begin with so this is really really bad for me !! But it's worth it... I get so much more done during the spring and summer...
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              I seem to get used to the Spring Dayliht savings quicker then I do the Fall on, where it goes back an hour. But then, it doesn't take much to confuse me these days. lol


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                I could care less either way working over nights I do not see a whole lot of daylight so I do not care if I get a lot of sunlight or not. I just take each day as it comes.

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                  I love Daylight Saving Time. I can't get enough sunlight, although I rarely lay out in direct sun working on my sunburn. I wish summer went 12 months. Guess I need to look for a job in Arizona or Hawaii.
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                    I like it this way. I can come home after 5 & still have time to mow the yard or play 9 holes of golf.


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                      I dont like switching back and forth, but I like the way it is now... DST should be a 12 month deal... Right now being Noon is perfect! If it is only 11:00 (like it was a few days ago at this time) it makes for a longer day.
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                        I love daylight savings time. Now, I can get in 18 holes of golf after messing with these tough computer problems all day long.
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                          Originally posted by TexReserve:
                          I love daylight savings time. Now, I can get in 18 holes of golf after messing with these tough computer problems all day long.
                          Well, I'm not a "morning person" so DST gets me where it hurts. Not to mention the anguish from the problems associated with sudden shifts (especially backwards in the Fall) in time affecting duration calculations in our computer programs! (What do you do when the start time is later than the end time?) To be really ironic, I'm the guy who insures that the DST start/end dates are in place for all mainframe activity at Texas Instruments (one of my assigned support functions). To avoid problems with time sequences (making sure that time always moves in an increasing direction) we use a complex method of speeding up time in the Spring so that it advances 2 hours in one hour and of slowing it down in the Fall so that it advances only 2 hours in 3. It's not a perfect solution, but it works for us. At least we don't have things happen with negative durations.

                          For all you who revel in the increased evening sunlight, there is nothing to keep you from always going in to work an hour early and leaving an hour early all year long. Most firms have "flex time" provisions which would cover that much variance. So use them, and leave the clocks alone!

                          Rant off.



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                            Go in early? Why would I want to do that? This is why DST is so great. I like to stay up late at night so on days off & weekends I can sleep until 9 or even 10 o'clock & still have plenty of daylight.


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