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What Makes You Smell Good?


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  • What Makes You Smell Good?

    Have to shop for some new manly cologne(?)

    What do you recommend? Why?


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    There are sooooo many !!!! I love a lot of them, a man with a nice that is sexy... just don't use too much....I'll have to think about the specific ones I like..
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      Drakkar me, it's just the best cologne a man can wear, the smell is perfect in every way.

      (i'm not sure of the spelling)
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        Cordite and CLP.
        Dave Kiefner
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          In order:

          Cool Water (It just smells soooo nice. Yummy, in fact. I think it's the nicest cologne a man can wear.)

          Drakkar (nice scent)

          Polo (I think of it as a woman's verion of Chanel No. 5 - not scent wise - just reminds me of a timeless classic you can never go wrong with.)


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            A REAL MAN don't need no stinky pur-fuem splashed on his face. Use a little Hoppes, lightly spread around the beard area.

            Then drink a couple a shots of whiskey and smoke some cheap cigars. Now THAT is a "manly smell!"

            Oh yeah, don't use none o them fancy de-o-durants they sell. All they do is block the poors up so you can't sweat like a MAN!

            Won more thang hear. Shower????? Ferget it. Take a tub bath a couple times a year. That's all a REAL MAN needs!

            [ 04-06-2002: Message edited by: Don ]
            6P1 (retired)


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              I must admit that Obsession for men makes me weak in the knees. I can detect it at 20 paces..woohoooo.

              I also like anything for men by Calvin Klein.
              I like men who wear cologne as long as they don't take a bath in it.



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                I'm with Don, except you better be careful Don. I heard somewhere that the older you get, the more that "old person" smell starts to permiate the air around you!



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                  I loufer everyday in Grecian floral bath wash, followed by a long soak in whatever my Bath and Bodyworks store recommends for that specific season. Of course the rule of thumb is "lighter" and/or fruity fragrances in spring and summer, and "heavier" or "woodsy" aromas in the wintertime.

                  My current bath crystals are a violet-wildflower-melon blend. Of course, I couldn't leave the house without the matching moisturizer-I'm in a stressful high intensity job, but there is no need to be uncivil. The key here is consistency so as the body chemistry adjusts.

                  As to cologne, I have some imported from Rome made in a custom fragrance shop-I can't tell you the specific blend, but it is highly "magnetic" to the female sex. It uses as a "silent" ingredient hormones taken from bears during the peak of their mating season. Of course, import duties are high now, but I've learned to keep my priorities in order, so I'll keep buying this nectar.

                  [ 04-06-2002: Message edited by: SGT Dave ]
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                    Check out Lagerfield for men, Kouras and Givenchy Gentleman. They are classics but have a wonderful scent.
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                      I am more into the natural scent myself. I do not use any types of perfume or cologne at all. I use regular soap and water to shower in and let my natural odor take it from there. I guess I do not need to use fancy smancy perfumes or colgne to attract the opposite sex LOL

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                        Originally posted by klar:
                        I guess I do not need to use fancy smancy perfumes or colgne to attract the opposite sex LOL

                        THAT AIN'T WHAT SANDY SAYS!!!!!
                        6P1 (retired)


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                          I've fallen and I can't get up...I am laughing too hard from Sgt. Dave's post...OMG you have too much time on your hands.


                          And your knowledge of scents is frightening...


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                            Try Chanel#5...It's for wome but my husband says it smells heabenly


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                              Burberry's For Men...


                              It's quite intoxicating...I'd let my husband post and tell you what I do to him when he wears it, but I don't want yall to think I'm a freak of some sort.

                    's yummy..go smell it and see for yourself.


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