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  • Hit and Run

    This evening, I was at the local car wash washing my van, when I heard a SCREEEECH!! CRUNCH!!!. I turned around to see one car get knocked up onto the car wash lot by another car.

    There were a couple of young teenage kids in the car that got hit, and an older man in the car that hit them. I don't know why, but something told me that the guy that hit the kids wasn't going to stick around, even though both cars sustained a fair amount of damage (the one that got hit was NOT driveable). Well, sure enough, the driver who did the hitting said something to the kids (without getting out of his car), then started to inch off, and I remember thinking "Don't do it son, don't do it!!", and sure enough, the sucker took off!!!!

    We made sure that the kids were ok, and I got a vehicle description, but better yet, a lady got the license plate!!! The kids called the Police, who arrived 15 minutes later, and we gave the officer all of the information.

    You know what the guy told the kid before he drove off? He told the kid he was sorry, then he floored it. It seems that driving off is happening more and more. WHY?

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    A lot of people act like just apologizing for something they have done makes it OK. An apology is useless unless it is sincere and is followed by an attempt to fix the damage the person has caused. It usually involves cash to fix something or pay someone else's medical bills.

    It's fine to teach our children to say they are sorry but they must also be taught that there are consequences for our actions. Otherwise they grow up to be like the old man in the accident.

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      Do you really think this clown was apologizing?


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        I think he was saying, "Damn kids don't you know I was driving here? Punks!"


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          I witnessed a hit and run a few weeks ago, and followed the suspects. They stopped in a trailer park and were just hanging out when the deputy showed up. I would have cornered them in the parking lot if I had had to, but they didn't try to leave. I think they were too drunk to realize they should hide.

          I got a call that the DA is going to file charges, so hopefully I'll get to talk to the Grand Jury. I've never done that before, so I'm looking forward to it.

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            The simple answer is that we live in a society where personal responsibility is at an all time low. Nobody wants to take the blame for their actions.
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              Topic near to my heart...rather...the bumper of my Mustang...that I had yet to make my first payment on over the Memorial Day weekend.

              Dufus A is backing up on an interstate exit ramp as I am getting off. I slow down, but Dufus B behind me does not. I get nailed and Dufus B was going about 60. Dufus B continues on his merry brakes before or after impact. Dufus A goes to the bottom of the ramp, stops, but does not get out of the car. As the police are getting on the interstate on the other side, Dufus A leaves.

              Mustangs have surprising strong bumpers I have learned. There was still $2000 worth of damage, not to mention my medical bills. My husband was in his truck, and happened to catch the tag number of Dufus B and car description of Dufus A. Chasing Dufus B went through his mind, but checking on me won out. The Dufus B's tag turned out to be stolen from another car. Those folks were definately up to no good.

     day...they will have to answer for it.

              I am ok...but I was a Memorial Day statistic. I am sure everyone at the hospital thought I was a mental case, because that's all I was saying. That and I hadn't even made my first payment yet.

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                Back in September, 2001, my sister and I were driving on the freeway, when we noticed a man lying on the side of the freeway, in front of a truck. Another man was sitting on the ground, holding the guy in his arms. We immediately stopped, got on the cell phone, and started getting some help. The two men were landscapers. The young man holding the unconscious man, didn't speak any English, but I was able to make out "Mi hermano" so I knew the unconscious man was his brother. The long and short of it was, something had come loose on the back of the work truck (they were landscapers/gardeners) and they had pulled over on the freeway to tie it down. A car swerved out of the lane and hit the man, knocking him about 25 feet. He then sped off. People who witnessed the crime chased down the guilty driver and were able to point him out to the CHP, who arrested him within 20 minutes after the incident. Unfortunately, the young man died, leaving behind a wife and child.
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                  I had a childhood friend who during his high school years struck and killed a 3 year old. My friend was running a red light. The fact that he stopped and tried to help and faced the music makes me respect him much more.

                  It was a tragedy, but at least he didn't make it worse by failing to account for his actions, ya know?
                  I am disrespectful to dirt. Can you see that I am serious? - Mr. Sparkle


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                    Many years ago shortly after my son moved out on his own he was doing his laundry on a Sunday afternoon when some friends stopped by to ask if he wanted to go with them somewhere. Ordinarily my son would have been gung ho about going somewhere with them but he had to be at work early the next morning so he said no.

                    A few hours later the truck his friends were in has a flat tire somewhere out in the middle of nowhere. There were 3 boys and their girlfriends. The boyx were trying to fix the tire when a car came whizzing by, hit their truck and killed all three of the boys. If my son had gone with them he would no doubt have been killed also.


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                      Back in Sept. of '89 my M/C was hit from behind by a blue vehicle on I-684. The person kept going leaving me in the median to bleed to death. Luckily, another motorist noticed me laying there and called 911.
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