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    My H is a very hard working man. I admire him very much. I felt SO bad for him when he lost his job of 25 years. But he never feels sorry for himself.
    His new job requires travel 3 days a week. something that is hard on us. We are not used to it. I miss him so much when he's gone. We have been through so much together.
    Flying is a nightmare for us. Me because I worry. Him, because it's so much harder to travel.
    He was supposed to be home toniht but something happened to his plane and they had to fly back to Atlanta. So, here my H sits, having left, Tuesday at 6am, in a motel room. They don't even know where his luggage is. They gave him a $10 food voucher, a motel room and a shave kit. He has to wear the same clothes he's had on all day because they can not find his luggage.
    I worry about him but I'm proud of him. He is a very hard-working, dedicated family man. He shows no bitterness now over losing his job except to refuse to speak to any of the head management of the company if they approach him. They had assured all the "little people" they would have jobs in the merger. Liars all. Many lost their jobs, they became millionaires in the merger because they agreed to let their sales force go as part of the merger.
    Yet, he keeps working hard. He seems always tired and it seems like he no sooner gets home then he has to go out again.
    If he had had a halfway decent brother, my H wouldn't even have to work. But, we saw a billboard that cracked us up. It said, "If you want to know the true character of a man, share an inheritance with him." lol We found out his brother has no character. He has a huge home here and in Hawaii and drives a new Lincoln every year. Job? He has not had one since my H's father died. I guess being executor of a huge estate must be very hard work.
    But, when he sees his brother, he says hello and shakes his hand. He's not quite brave enough to bring him into our home. That is ONE thing I will NOT allow EVER.
    But, I'm proud of my H. Like so many of you, he works hard, sometimes to the point of exhaustion. But he is such a fine man.
    Life has not been kind to him but he's so nice to everyone and is so well liked.
    He reminds me of everyone on this board.

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    It is nice to work hard and enjoy what your doing. I enjoy what I am doing and I am happy where I am at in life. I am not rich heck I am not even to the poverty level LOL I make ends meet somehow and I think life is grand. I do not need money to be happy I just need to have a nice family and some nice friends to share this life with and I am happy.

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      When we were first married, I was in school and my H was a young manager of a grocery store part time. I found out we qualified for food stamps and welfare, neither of which we used. We did just fine on our own. We gave up a lot of things, like movies and going out to eat, did free things around the city, like festivals and all, and watched our pennies. And we did just fine. We didn't have a whole lot of material things but we didn't care.
      We didn't starve and we had a roof over our head. We had books to read, friends over to play cards, did creative cooking.....and we never one time had to take any of the governments money.
      Don't get me wrong. I am not against someone who is on welfare or food stamps. Sometimes, they are needed and that's what they are there for. We all get down on our luck at times.
      What I am against are those that live off of it and don't try to better themselves. I admire people on welfare who fight to be allowed to get enough money to go to school and learn a skill or even go to college. They can have my share anytime, because they are bettering themselves.
      It bothered my husband to have to take unemployment when he lost his job but I explained he has certainly put enough money INTO that progrm the 25 years he worked and he should take advantage of it until he found his job. He did, because we needed it, but I could tell it hurt his pride. It upset him so badly, he eventually quit taking it because it hurt his pride. I can understand that and said nothing. But that's what it was there for, as a helpful bridge until he did find something.
      He's a proud man and he said he never wants to be put in the position of mot working again. He has a real work ethnic.


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