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Lawsuit against fast food chains for "unhealthy" food


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    Originally posted by jarhead6073:
    Target market crap my eye! Kids don't smoke because of advertisements! They smoke bacause it's coooool. 'Cause the older kids do it. 'Cause their friends do it. Not because of Joe Camel. Target Market is a bunch of whiney BS made up by adults who "think" they know why kids smoke, or do anything for that matter.
    You ARE right. I've always thought that Madonna (or whoever is supposed to be cool these days) was a better ad for cigarettes than Joe Camel. Does any kid really think Joe Camel IS COOL? But that doesn't mean that the tobacco industry doesn't TRY to target kids.Take a look at this.

    I couldn't agree more that frivolous lawsuits need to be stopped and that people have to take responsibility for their choices but as far as I'm concerned the tobacco industry is a very "special" case. Frankly I'd like to see these people be personally bankrupted. Completely stripped of the fortunes they made sweating over ways to addict people to a lethal drug. These people are serious scum. They live lavish lives and spend their days trying to dream up ways to addict your children to drugs while they send their own children to Harvard and Yale. Doesn't that kill you? Sure we've known that smoking is deadly but does that make them any less guilty.
    They really poured their souls into making sure you never found out about


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      Originally posted by Niteshift:
      "Ammonia and plutonium don’t really compare to what you find in food."

      Plutonium?!?!?! What have you been smoking?

      Do you have authority to arrest?

      Okay I said plutonium but I meant polonium, same difference. They both kill you!


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        555, I disagree tobacco is not a "special" case. If you think tobacco is so terrible then lobby to get it outlawed. At present it is a legal product. It's bad for you but legal. So is alcohol, sugar, fat any number of other things. If you want to sue, why not sue the government? They reap greater profits than the tobacco companies do from cigarettes. The largest part of the cost of a pack of cigarettes is taxes. Why do you think tobacco is legal? Because it is a significant source of revenue. I have seen the anti firearms folks do the same thing. They can't get the votes together to ban firearms so they try to litigate the firearms industry to death. They circumvent the legislative process and maliciously attack the industry in court even though they know their cases have no merit. If you really get down to it, all smokers know it is bad for them. They made a choice, they alone are responsible. Of course these days individual responsibility is not very popular.
        Bill R


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          For anyone who wants to compare cigarettes to sugar take another look at this

          Warning- very disturbing.


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            I get so damn sick and tired of all these "do-gooders" trying to speak for EVERYBODY. I get sick of them trying to force THEIR ideas, opinions, beliefs, and quite often bull schidt down MY throat.

            I KNOW you shouldn't smoke. I KNOW you shouldn't eat fast food. I KNOW you should wear a motorcycle helmet when on the bike. I KNOW you should always "buckle up."

            But if I choose to do (or not do) what I KNOW is dangerous, then so be it.

            Why don't these folks GET A LIFE AND GET OUT OF MINE.
            6P1 (retired)


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              People still had the choice START smoking. If people never started then they wouldn't ever get addicted would they?

              "Young market share part two
              "Realistically, if our company is to survive and prosper, over the long term, we must get our share of the youth market. In my opinion this will require new brands tailored to the youth market.
              On the wings of a dove
              Let's roll for justice
              Let's roll for truth
              Let's not let our children grow up
              Fearful in their youth -- Neil Young


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                I couldn't care less if people smoke. Let them do whatever they want. I’m not trying to stop anyone from smoking or doing anything else they chose to do. I'm just saying that if tobacco companies are sued my heart won't be bleeding for them and to my mind it's not frivolous on the same scale as suing McDonald’s for making you fat. Period.


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                  It's your decision to smoke, eat unhealthy food, drink, etc. You alone are responsible for your actions, and what you do to your body.

                  Well, maybe I should sue the car companies next, 'cause I have to inhale dangerous fumes when I fill my car up with gas!.. Because of car companies I've become addicted to gas stations!
                  Concerning the difference between man and the jackass: some observers hold that there isn't any. But this wrongs the jackass.
                  -Mark Twain


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                    There is the problem with death. Most people would say it comes too soon, therefore lifes are always being cut short.

                    That's ground for a law suit

                    Someone cut me a check


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                      I wonder, do they still eat at these places?

                      I like that.. whoever said... "suffer from being fat asses"

                      grrr..that lawyer should be ashamed for taking this case... what a moron.
                      Oh... Oh... I know you di-int!


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                        What I find insane is what people will actually sue over! I'm sueing Officer. Com for not having their site 100% operational the last few days. It has caused me great emotional stress. I couldn't eat,sleep, or have proper relations with my wife.It affected my work. Its been horrible Does anyone want to make this a "class Action Suit" ? We could even get the "good" ole Rev. Jesse Jackson to lead this Suit. And maybe even get Al Sharpton to led another hunger strike. No I know we could get Jonnie Cochran to led the Lawsuit It will be Great (Just Kidding)
                        But you get my point!


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