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Real Shots Fired in Paintball Prank


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  • Real Shots Fired in Paintball Prank

    "LAKEWOOD – Police say a 21-year-old man is in intensive care after taking part in a paint ball prank Monday night.

    Lakewood police say Jeremiah Witherwax and two friends were shooting paintballs at pedestrians from a pickup in the 800 block of Oak Street just before 9 p.m.

    Police say one of the targets had a real gun, and fired back, hitting Witherwax in the head. He was first taken to the West Metro Fire Station on Garrison Street, then transported to St. Anthony Central Hospital where he is in serious condition.

    Lakewood police are looking for two teenagers and are asking anyone who has seen teens with paintball paint on their clothing to give them a call."

    Apparently the guy was shot in the face. Do you think he was justified in firing? I do, on the basis that I'm not going to let myself go blind, or get a fractured skull/broken bones/injuries from falling down after being hit with paintballs. I would have done the same thing, probably.

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    To answer if he was justified in firing, you must first determine if the shooter feared for his life. If that condition existed then yes, he was. Also, I think that if the paintball gun looked like a real gun he would be less likely to take a fall. JMO.


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      Heck yes. a truck load of young men driving around with guns pointed at me... I am NOT going to wait or get close enough and try to figure out if it's a paint gun.

      You point anything that resembles a gun at me (toy, paintgun, nail gun, real gun)... I will shoot you.

      Are you willing to take your chances with this pointed at you?

      I think and hope not...

      Be Safe...


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        Yeah, except that picture is missing a vital part. A big 'ole compressed air canister. With that on, it doesn't look much like a gun.

        Besides that, when fired, it sounds like a lot of compressed air, not a gun being fired, plus there's no muzzle flash of any kind, so I doubt the shooter was startled by that.

        Should the kids have been firing paintballs? No, but shooting a real gun back??



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          you can power the paint marker via a remote line, like in the picture. the tank would be relocated to your belt/harness or anywhere other than on the marker itself.

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            Originally posted by kd5hqd:
            Besides that, when fired, it sounds like a lot of compressed air, not a gun being fired, plus there's no muzzle flash of any kind

            I beg to differ

            I am not going to wait till he fires it at me to see if it sounds like a real gun, or see if there's a muzzle flash .... you point that thing at me... I am going to assume it's a gun and act in either of the following method:

            If Unarmed: I am going to run away, really fast.
            If Armed: I am going to shoot.


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              Notice this happened at night. No indication of lighting, no indication if paintball shots were fired or if shooter fired prior to being assaulted by this.

              "Let's see, I'm walking along the road or sidewalk, unlit, no ambient light, overcast. A pickup pulls up next to me slowly and as I look over a gun appears with three 21 year old males behind it. I move quickly as I draw my .40, damn, no cover. I crouch and bring up my weapon. My adrenaline is pumping now as I begin to line up the front sight, what is that POP, POP? A gun firing and auditory exclusion prevents me from hearing BLAM, BLAM? Shi$, hurry, good target, squeeze the trigger twice, I can see my bullets strike the shooter in the head. His gun lowers as the truck speeds off.

              Holy crap, what the F just happened?"

              Only difference is I then call 911 and report it.

              This guy will probably be indicted because
              he failed to report it.
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                We've had kids carrying paintball guns drawn down on patrol officers. There are some of them that are very realistic looking, espicially at a distance and you've been sent on a shots fired call.
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                  "Do you think he was justified in firing"

                  Probably are some reasons why...

                  It was dark. The shooter probably didnt know that it was a paintball gun. Many people have never been hit with a paintball. I used to be an avid paintball team member and I can testify to the fact that it hurts like a sonofagun when you get hit.

                  Imagine the scenario. A guy walking down the street minding his own buisness, some kids in the back of a truck start spraying away. It's dark, and those paintball guns can be quite loud up close. He sees people ducking, screaming from pain, and if they paintballs are red, he's not thinking paintball, he's thinking people are getting shot.

                  I can imagine the fright of the scenario. Now imagine being in the shooters shoes when he realizes that he just shot some kid for shooting a paintball gun. I can guess that it would be very, very difficult for the shooter.

                  If I was on the jury, I think I'd have to vote in his favor. What the kids did was stupid,plain and simple. Even if they meant no harm, at the very least they could have put someones eye out. In todays time ,it was not only irresponsible, but as stupid as one could get.

                  "Besides that, when fired, it sounds like a lot of compressed air, not a gun being fired, plus there's no muzzle flash of any kind, so I doubt the shooter was by that."

                  It sounds close enough when you are being fired at. Lots of guns dont have much flash, it depends on the ammo and the lenth of the barrel. Unless you are looking right at it, you might not even see muzzle flash. Now ask yourself this...

                  Would you shoot a paintball gun at an armed cop in the dark?

                  Why should the response be any different for an armed citizen.?
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                    If Unarmed: I am going to run away, really fast.
                    If Armed: I am going to shoot
                    Careful now, the thugs in government will send you to prison for doing things that way.

                    You know, retreating and all that. Just because you have a gun does not mean you can use it if you shouldn't, right?


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                      *Draws down on the guy using the paint gun, "what an idiot!", and caps 'em*

                      Exactly, "what the hell just happened?!?!?"

                      Well, some guy just earned a spot on the Darwins, wouldn't you say?

                      *shakes his head in amazement, that people are STILL so stoopid*

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                        ever been shot with a paint ball at say 25 feet....hurts like hell and that was through heavy clothing...imagine a truck pulling up and you getting hit in the face woo what a painful experience...but wait i didn't die yet so i'm gonna droppem before they get another shot off....i draw.. i wipe the ( maybe red ) paint from my eyes... and i aquire target and i fire ...all the way to slide lock...

                        yes he was probably justified....i would have done the same thing... and i hope i get to serve as one of his jurors....


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                          I agree with the others in here IF you shoot at me with a paintball, bb gun, or whatever and I am packing I am going to return fire. I am not in your little game and never asked to be. IF your going to come up to unexpecting people and laugh at the pain and the fright you cause then you better be prepared to get something back when you do it to a armed civilian who is just protecting him/her self from what they percieve as a threat to their lives. When you add darkness and a slow moving vehicle most people nowadays are going to relate you as doing a drive-by shootings so the actions that were taken on this senerio I feel are correct and a good answer to being shot at. I guess next time the kids will hopefully learn and bring a paintball gun to a gun fight.

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                            I also agree with the others.. if somebody aims something at me that is perceived to be firearm I'm not waiting for no bang or muzzle flash.
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                              I'm with the majority here........ I'd have busted a cap in his *** too.


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