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Woman trades baby for puppy


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  • Woman trades baby for puppy

    ENID, Oklahoma (AP) -- A woman accused of trying to trade her baby girl for a Chihuahua puppy has been charged with trafficking in children.

    Kathryn A. Smith, 21, surrendered on an outstanding warrant Friday and was released after an initial court appearance.

    Prosecutors said Smith offered to give her mother's neighbor custody of her 7-month-old daughter if the woman gave her a Chihuahua she was selling for $200.

    Why did God allow people like this to procreate in the first place?
    No partner is worth your tears -
    the one that is won't make you cry. - Anonymous

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    That is just so sick and wrong...

    Can you imagine the emotional scars this kid is going to have when he/she realizes that Mommy wanted to trade for a puppy and thought that she was getting the better part of the deal!
    Education is nothing without experience to back it up.


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      With a mother like that the baby probably would have been better off to have been traded!


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        WTF....geeze... *skakes head in disgust*

        Some people just make me vomit.
        Oh... Oh... I know you di-int!


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          That is really sick. I have known more than one couple that wanted children and couldn't have any and this sicko tries to trade one for a dog.

          I have a little chihuahua who has been a companion for 13 years but if I had to choose between it and one of my grandchildren there would be no contest. The kid wins!


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            Well hopefully the child will be cared for by someone OTHER than this, this aw hell, I can't even call her a human being.

            Sounds like the dog was lucky too, for the trade to not have gone through.

            Makes me want to barf.
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              She could have at least gone for a *REAL* dog, and not a barking rat...


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                I love Chihuahuas, but have you priced those things???? They cost at LEAST two kids!


                • #9
                  At least people found out she couldn't handle a baby before something awful happened to it.


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                    Makes you wonder if the baby trading goes on more than we know?

                    People are mobile, don't necessarily have kids in hospitals, teens drop their inconvenient babies in dumpsters-

                    We actually have better services for unwanted pets-you drop them off at a shelter and hope someone adopts them. No stigma attached to this act and you can walk away free and clear.

                    Some states are trying to get a law passed that will allow mothers to drop off infants at hospital ER's and fire stations. No questions asked-just save the kid who is unwanted....



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                      I prefer dogs to kids, but geeze, this broad took it to the extreme


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                        Originally posted by CopInNY:
                        I prefer dogs to kids,
                        I can identify with that!
                        6P1 (retired)


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                          "Any man who hates children and small animals can't be THAT bad"---W.C. Fields

                          I know, I probably di-nt get the EXACT quote but it's close....

                          My youngest boy thinks he is part dog. He eats dog food on a regular basis..(Hey, he has the shiniest hair and prettiest white teeth)...likes to whiz outside, and lays down on the driveway with the dogs all the time. Maybe HE was traded.......


                          [ 04-08-2002: Message edited by: huff317 ]
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