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  • Music, please!

    I have the privilege of listening to music all day while I work. Thank God, otherwise I'd probably go insane.

    I'm going to buy a new cd at lunch time because I have outplayed everything I have here at work. I'm sick of what everyone else has too, as we borrow each other's music all the time.

    Can anyone offer any suggestions? The last cd I bought was Janis Joplin (Greatest Hits), and I had a friend here at work burn a Dave Matthews cd for me.

    I need some new tunes!

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    You're on a board full of law enforcement people, and you just admitted violating copyright laws by making an illegal copy of a musical cd!!! Girl, I'd be more careful in the future. LOL!!

    I don't know whether you listen to country music or not, but I personally like anything Alan Jackson has done.
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      hey katey. where the heck have you been lately?? i thought for sure you would have posted in the "random thoughts" thread.

      boy i wish i had some suggestions for you. i haven't bought any CDs in a while because i haven't heard anything good lately worth spending money on. especially when it's the proverbial "one song is good and the rest of the CD sucks." you can't go wrong buying classic rock stuff that you've always liked. at least you know there is going to be more than one good song on it.

      my next CD purchases are going to be of some old rock albums from my high school days (wow....we're talking 1969-72 here ) from the "CD NOW" website. these CDs are from some bands that i'm sure most people WILL NOT remember, but they are CLASSIC albums to me.
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        Hiya Nickie,

        Nope, staying as far away from the "Random Thoughts" thread as possible. I'm all for kidding, but some things that were said are just a little too personal for me -just a bit TMI. That's all I'll say on that topic. Some things are better left unsaid.

        I have oodles of classic rock and I know one can never go wrong there. I just don't know what I'm actually in the mood to listen to. Guess I'll just have to hang out in the music store at lunch time until I find something that appeals to me.


        I appreciate the suggestion, but I can't handle country. My mother tortured me with it when I was young. I've heard enough of it to last a lifetime.


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          May I suggest a "sleeper", the Due South soundtrack album. There are two out (titled Due South & Due South II) but they are hard to find. I found them at Best Buy but only after a long search at several stores. The TV show only ran a couple of years but had some good music from classic to alternative rock. The original soundtrack shows that mix. It's different but I like it & play it all the time. Another one I didn't think I would like is my wife's selection, A Day Without Rain by Enya. It's very good for listening to without listening to it, if you know what I mean. It's good for the office & kind of soothing. Well, that's my picks for the day. Enjoy.


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            Oh ya Tex.. The RIAA is going to come barging down Jim's door demanding Katey's true info for burning a Dave Matthews CD,

            I burn my own CD's too.. and usually make eclectic mixes.

            If you need some calming soothing music, I'd suggest the Jurassic Park or The Patriot soundtrack by John Williams.

            Some female singers I like.. Letters to Cleo, Michelle Branch, Sarah McLachlan, Jewel etc..

            Male singers... John Couger Melloncamp, The Cure, U2, Sting, Nickelback, Creed..

            Or my favorite genre.. 70's classic rock.
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              I just purchased The Essential Billy Joel
              album off Amazon.com... someone was selling it NEW for $15...

              I can't wait for it to come in, and reading the playlist on it, I would recommend it as an option if you like this Bronx Boy
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                Just got back from lunch and ready to pop in one of the two cd's that I bought.

                The first one I bought is country, and that is so NOT me. I bought it because someone very special recommended it. I bought George Strait's Pure Country.

                I went old school with the second cd. I was torn between the one I bought and Genesis (A Trick of the Tail). I have that particular Genesis on tape and on vinyl (yes, I'm showing my age).

                I went with The Boss. I figure there's no way you can go wrong with Springsteen. I also have this particular cd on tape and vinyl. I had to hear Thunder Road today though, because it reminds me of someone very special. So Born to Run it is. I think I made a wise choice.


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                  katey said:
                  "I went old school with the second cd. I was torn between the one I bought and Genesis (A Trick of the Tail). I have that particular Genesis on tape and on vinyl (yes, I'm showing my age)."

                  wow, i haven't heard that one in years. happy listening.

                  yeah, my 2 obscure albums that i am going to buy at CD NOW are:
                  "Aorta" -- Columbia Records -- 1969 (typical psychedelic music of the period. actually to me the summer of 1969 was THE greatest period for rock music releases)

                  "Ursa Major" -- RCA Records -- 1972 (a hard rockin band from Detroit. really don't know who to compare them to from that era. maybe Deep Purple minus the keyboards.)

                  how many people remember THOSE 2 records or bands??
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                    Well my first reccomendation is Disturbed, they rock!! Maybe some SOIL, or Static X or Slipknot. Then theres Ozzie, hes getting better with age, and of course who could forget Godsmack, I Stand Alone is awesome at least IMHO. Linkin Park sucks IMHO, they remind me of the Back Street Boys!!!!

                    Got to agree with Raychel on Nickelback and U2, they're pretty good, but Creed is a little to bubble gun for me. No offense Raychel, to each there own, but I just need to bang my head when I listen to tunes, not think about love and family and children.


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                      I have Disturbed, Godsmack, Creed, Nickelback, and U2 all here at work. I probably have close to 75 cd's with me (two cd wallets). I have gone through them all though and needed a change.

                      I was on a huge Weezer kick all week and outplayed The Sweater Song. I put it on repeat and listened to it 5 times in a row.

                      I'm still open for suggestions, as next week I will probably be making another trip to the music store.

                      BTW, I saw Godsmack last Oct. in concert. They were absolutely fantastic. One of the best shows I've seen thus far. Sully is da man.


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                        ahhhh.. CREED... ahhhh if you like good Christian accapella that really rocks get some "GO FISH" they ROCK.....and uhmmm... and Jewel rox.. and uhmm..... Creed... and uhmm Creed.. and then get some creed. teeheehee.

                        OMG Edited to add:

                        ENYA.... how can I forget ENYA! ... good downloads off the net from the Braveheart soundtrack.. but ENYA... ahhhhhh... good make out music.. maybe you should play it at work.. lol... unless you wanna make out with someone there. hehehe

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                          ZZ Top or Fleetwood Mac. Nothing better.
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                            Go out on a limb and listen to some stuff that will rupture your eardrums. You'll either love it or really, really, (emphasize really) hate it.

                            Nine Inch Nails - Broken
                            Tool - Aenima
                            Kittie - Either Oracle or Spit.


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                              I listen to both NIN and Tool, but I can't deal with Kittie. My daughter is into them big time (saw them last year).

                              Evnings, I love Fleetwood Mac! My fave by them is Rumors. I have ZZ Top too.

                              I'm in the mood now to hear Billy Idol or Rob Zombie, but I don't have either with me.

                              [ 04-04-2002: Message edited by: kateykakes ]


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