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  • What would you like to see?

    What would you like to see on the new Officer.com?

    New forum topics? New features? What kind of news? What would get you coming back every day to the site as a whole, in addition to the forums?

    We'd love to hear from you. Please feel free to post your comments here or email them to [email protected]

    The forums users are absolutely the most important component and center of the growth of Officer.com and we look forward to hearing from you.

    Officer.com Staff

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    Here are a few things I would like to see.

    A forum topic for traffic related issues.

    On the webpage side, an email directory, sorted by state and department. Police from all over can sign up and post their email. This would be great if you needed to get a hold of someone from another police department or get a hold of an old friend.

    Something for the spouses.

    More stuff in the restricted access section of the webpage.
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      I think a newbie area would be good. Like a FAQ.

      Take common topics that people new to the forum ask over and over again and just list them. Get the best O.com minds to give their best answers to the questions then permanently tack it to the top of the related forum.

      Example: What do I need to know for an oral board interview?

      What’s involved in a phyc/poly test?

      It would give people new to the forum easy access to common questions and keep others from having to answer the same questions again and again.

      For the Website a frequently updated job posting would be cool. One that coves LEO, LP, Security, Public Safety, and other legal/law jobs across the country. And maybe one for those outside the U.S.

      Maybe links to each states legal codes and laws, so that when in need of information you can go right to the states site rather than searching for it first.

      Just some ideas...
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        Thanks for the comments so far.

        We will be adding a jobs section this Fall with weekly (or more) updated job postings.

        We'll also be exanding a 'LawZone' where you can quickly link to law, code and related web sites for each state, federally and internationally.

        We'll also be going through all of the links and verifying dead links, etc.



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          I would like the forum to stay as it is. No "hall monitors" busy monitoring each and every nuance of forum members comments. That is, people being able to speak their mind, even if some others do not like it. That, and the fact that I have been able to learn quite a bit about the reality of police in the US, are the main reason I stay here. Also, I like many of the members even if they are cops. [Wink] I still am waiting to see WonderWoman naked.


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            I personally would like to see a forum for those of us in the Bail Enforcement Industry.

            Bail Enforcement is a burgeoning industry that is attracting new Bail Enforcement professionals at an astonishing rate. Currently, Bail Enforcement Agents do not have an internet site to discuss current trends and issues in the profession, and Officer.com seems like a natural fit for us.

            If you need any further suggestions, please let me know. I am also willing to moderate the new Bail Enforcement Forum.



            (Looking forward to the new possibilities!}
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              Please ignore the above post.

              Now shoo..... go away troll

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                Originally posted by Mike Tx:
                I still am waiting to see WonderWoman naked.

                I dread the day I might have to explain you!


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                  Don't worry, my vision ain't what it used to be. [Wink]


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                    Thats NOT what I meant!


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                      For the main page:

                      Updated/added links, especially in the Agencies section.

                      Someone mentioned a contact section. This has already been started, to the degree we can, in the RA here. If there was some way to do that under the RA on the main page, that would be cool.

                      Sort out the news by U.S. or International instead of lumping them together.

                      For the forum:

                      Like has already been brought up, baby steps.

                      Fix the blasted log off problem.

                      More stock graemlins.

                      An FAQ (about LE) would be nice, but there are always additions to be added and input to be given. It is tiring at times to answer the same questions over and over.

                      An example that I could think of for, say, the State requirements for LEO's, would be to link from the Job Search section (header maybe?) to a section on the main page. Just an idea.

                      Continued involvement by/with the staff and members.

                      Pretty much business as usual as far as the operations are concerned.

                      I'd be interested in trying a new format after some exploration.


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                        I think a section on the main page with videos and pictures would be pretty cool. Also, I don't know if there is now or not, but maybe some officer.com hats or t-shirts would be cool too. Oh, update the agency links. A lot of them are either bad or out of date. I know thats a bunch of stuff, but you asked for it. Thanks -- dubya
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                          Updating, verifying, and adding new links to the directory is absolutely critical and will be done for the most part over the summer.



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                            Spell check would be a nice to have feature.

                            Jim Burnes


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                              Originally posted by Glockaphile:
                              Currently, Bail Enforcement Agents do not have an internet site to discuss current trends and issues in the profession, and Officer.com seems like a natural fit for us.

                              If you want to discuss current trends, why don't you write a letter to your brethren currently incarcerated in Mexico? I think they might have some new outlooks on how they are perceived by actual law enforcement!


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