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    Dear Forum Users,

    We would like to welcome you to, now operated by the Cygnus Public Safety Interactive team. Over the coming weeks and months we'll be ramping up expansion of the site, with a major relaunch scheduled by September 1st and continued growth...forever.

    We hope you'll continue to be active participants in the forums and promoters of the site as well as we grow it over the coming months.

    Jim has worked very hard over the years building one of the premiere sites in public safety online, and we hope to only grow that tradition as we grow

    While certainly there will be advertising and sponsors, as is needed to support the considerable growth we hope for, and will work with Jim closely to realize many of the dreams he has personally for the site, we will never compromise the integrity of the site, and more importantly the forums, to make a buck. Many of those who will be working on this site, including a dedicated full time staff of five people starting later this summer, will have a law enforcement or public safety background.

    We hope to vastly grow the daily news content, expand and upgrade these same forums, integrate unique features like live chat, job postings, and training content, plus a lot more.

    Again, thanks for making what it is today. We can only hope, as we've said, to expand on what is and not over commercialize or push products at you as some other sites may, and instead present the users with a balanced level of content and information you need to perform your job, with marketplace and product research tools that enhance your ability to carry it out.

    If you have any concerns, ideas, things you'd love to see here, new categories....just about anything, just drop us a line at [email protected]

    Thanks again. We hope you'll be proud of the expansion of the site and continue to be a strong supporter.

    Dave Iannone
    Interactive Publisher
    Cygnus Public Safety

    [ 06-28-2003, 12:40 AM: Message edited by: Cygnus Public Safety Team ]

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    Welcome to the Cygnus Public Safety Team. The new Home Page of Officer.Com looks great and I am looking forward to being part of and contributing to the NEW Officer.Com

    Good luck and best wishes.


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      Are you going to continue to use UBB for the forums, and when do you plan on updating? As I understand it, this forum is an older version of UBB, which might account for some of the log-out issues encountered.


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        Yes, we'll be upgrading to a newer version of UBB or transitioning it to VBulletin, which some sites use (no impact to users either way), except new features, etc. Thats probably about a month or two away, however, at this point.

        We will also attempt to integrate userids for chat, the forums and free email in one system.



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          Does this mean you will forever bar Texas from the, as part of the planned upgrade?

          Jim Burnes


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            Can you clarify that last one.


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                Jim is hoping to eliminate anyone from Texas from the forum. I think he doesn't want to "put up" with MikeTX anymore.
                Drug Recognition Expert


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                  Jim is simply doing what we've always done here......have fun with other members. There is a real life running "battle" between OK and TX and it plays out here too. That's part of the fun of this forum. It's a collection of individuals that has become a living entity. It wasn't stamped out of a cookie cutter.


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                    Stay out of this cop, it's between the Injun an me.

                    The wind is blowing from the south...


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                      How will the new ownership change the status of the current staff?


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                        Mike, check your PM's


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                          Originally posted by Morrow:
                          How will the new ownership change the status of the current staff?

                          There have already been some staff changes as I have resigned my moderator position. It has only to be changed by the sysadmins.

                          It appears that some moderators and administrators who served under the previous owners may be allowed to stay after some sort of review process.

                          Those moderators and staff who are more adaptable to the wishes of the new ownership team may stay on to implement certain changes.

                          The new enterprise team will make every attempt to synergistically leverage current assets horizontally in order to maximize user functionlity.

                          Others of us who have ideological differences with the new management team may choose to resign as moderators or administrators in order to pursue other goals.

                          I know that I, for one, intend to consider remaining a registered member in this, and other, LE forums.


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                            Cygnus Public Safety Team, I just wanted to say hello and welcome to your new digs!


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                              So Dave, tell us a little about you. How long were you a LEO?


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