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Gee, we have done well


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  • Gee, we have done well

    I was just surfin around...I saw a test your stress level thingy.....I looked at the top three stresses....Serious illness of a child, loss of a job and divorce (our sons) and didn't go any further. I think it's safe to say I qualify for basket case of the year lol

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    That's right Mitzi, and you're the head basket case here at!!

    P.S. We're proud of you!!


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      *gives Mitzie a teddy bear to hug*
      teddy bears always help me!

      Stress, whats life without it???
      I honestly dont know how to live life without it.
      With trying to get my son's concerta meds where he's not skinny and lighter than his 7 year old brother, and klar's ex wife, and MY ex husband, and my mother and sisters, and work piling invoices on top of invoices and telling me to get it all done, the wedding,keeping an orderly house with 5 kids....two ex inlaws in very serious condition, and my work saying that JUST BECAUSE I am no longer married, I cannot take the time off to go to their funerals even tho Ive known and loved them over half my life......*SIGH*
      you REALLY dont want me to go on do ya?? its too stressful to think anymore and theres ALOT more!
      *looks for her stress ball*
      Mother is the name for God on the lips and in the hearts of all children.


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        Make sure you take time for Sandie. I didn't take care of myself because I was juggling everything else and came very close to a nervous breakdown. So make sure you get your rest, eat right and walk when you can, Sandie.
        A body can not live without stress but it also can not live with too much stress. I was almost over the top the day of my son's surgery. My dr had me straightened out now and it's nice to feel like a member of the world again.
        I always try to do everything myself. I never told family and friends just how really bad it got because they have their own stress. But, even though I joke about it, there were times I just wanted to end the pain once and for all. Only knowing what it would do to my family for generations to come stopped me.
        Take time to smell the roses!


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          I remember taking one of those tests once; I qualified for being suicidal acccording to their point scale.

          I'm not, of course


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            Mitzi I am making sure sandie is getting enough time to relax and be herself so she does not blow a gasket. I find little ways to help her control the extra stress in her life. OR at least I hope I am helping.

            I took one of those test too and all it told me is: "Your still alive?" LOL I have had two shrinks say I was a 'suicidal depressive' what ever!!! I am just me LOL

            Are you a Veteran? If so join AMVETS the only organization that accepts all vets no matter when or where they served. Contact me for more info.


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              You dont want to hear my stress stories over the years...

              If work gives you any hassle about taking time off, CALL OUT SICK. for whatever you need it for. bring a doctor's note if they ask for it...any doctor that i know of will give a note based on the stress alone!

              As long as ex-'s can see they are getting to you, they will keep it up! Same goes with anyone, actually. Once you're not bothered by it, they get bored and give fake it if you have to lol
              "You did what you knew how to do...and when you knew better, you did better." ~~Maya Angelou


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                I handled klar's ex by changing my phone # so she'd stop harassing us. As far as MY ex? pffft....Im at a loss. But ive noticed one thing latly which kinda bugs me, ive been having so much trouble staying focused on a topic of conversation anymore. And I forget the basic simple things. Like this morning, klar got mad at my sons for leaving the ketchup and Apple juice out, turned out it was me. I would forget my head right now if it wasnt attached. This bugs me alot because I have always prided myself with my memory and my ability to remember the finer details. *sigh* klar does to a great job in helping me just relax. One day I'll relax, just cant right now, too much to get done!
                Mother is the name for God on the lips and in the hearts of all children.


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