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Take that, Mr. Drunk Driver!


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  • Take that, Mr. Drunk Driver!

    Wow, I actually got to help my local PD last night. On the way home from a movie (me, my wife, and two buddies in the car), a guy two cars up took out a light post. He was VERY drunk. We didn't see the immediate wreck, just the right after. It was pretty obvious that he was the one who'd hit the pole, though, what with the busted out windows, steaming radiator, etc.

    So he weaves very slowly about 80 yards further and pulls off the road into this little vacant lot.

    Three other cars all stop to "help". One of them even said he'd seen the wreck, and was pretty excited about getting the cops out to make sure the guy was OK.

    Well, all the other cars took off without helping. I think that they saw the guy was OK, and figured they could leave. But the guy was SO drunk, and I didn't think he was fixing to wait until the cops got there.

    We parked in the same little vacant lot, and my buddy and I went to make sure he was OK. He wasn't hurt, but he was really, really drunk.

    We called the police on the cell phone, and waited for them to show up. We just didn't think he would wait for the cops if nobody was there. Not to be untrusting, but I HATE drunken driving. I didn't want him to either LEAVE or get away with DUI and knocking down a pole, and neither did my friends.

    Right as the cops show up, his sober buddies show up too. I'm pretty sure he'd called them on his cell phone. I had a suspicion he had called them to drive him home, not realizing his truck was pretty damaged (big puddle of coolant at the wreck).

    Anyway, the cops were pretty happy we'd stayed and called it in, because it was only reported to them as a "sheared light pole" by the other driver's who had taken off. I felt pretty good about it. My wife got crunched by a DUI last year and she is still having to do exercises and stuff for her back injury.

    Anyway. Thought I'd share my little bit og excitement with y'all.
    I am disrespectful to dirt. Can you see that I am serious? - Mr. Sparkle

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    A few days ago, my husband and I were going out to eat. This car pulls out in front of us and my H had to swerve to miss HER. Anyway, it was obvious this woman was drunk, weaving all over the road.
    As luck would have it, my H's cell wouldn't work....then we see these red and blue lightts! YAYAYAYAYAAAAAAA! The cops got her!


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