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    Is anyone here familiar with the 100 Club and the financial aid they offer to police officers for college?

    If so I'd like to know how it worked out or what the enrollment was like.

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    Funny, I've heard of the 100 club, but, don't know what they are about.
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      They haven't made it to Brazos County yet, but are in Grimes County, which is where I'm actually from. Don't have much experience with them, but they just donated something like $20K for Grimes S.O. to build a firing range and shoot house.

      Here's their home page link.
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        They're mostly about paying out cash to families of fallen law officers in the Houston Metro Area (HPD, Harris County Sheriff's, etc...) I'm not sure about the college money. I think they're just for fallen officers.



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          There are 100 clubs in many areas. Their primary goal is to take care of the families of fallen officers.
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            Thanks for the input guys.

            I just got an email from the executive director of the 100 club who informed me that they offer financial aid to criminal justice majors enrolled in one of the following universities: Sam Houston State University, University of Houston, Prairie View A&M University.

            Guidelines are,
            1. Must have 60 hours of transferable college credits with a mim 2.5 GPA to one of the above universities.
            2. Department head must approve you putting in a request for the scholarship.

            Amazing how much funding is out there.


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              If you can get funding to go to Sam Houston, I'd go there. I'm a graduate of GMI ( now called LCC ) which is sponsored in part by Sam. I've also gone to allot of inservice put on by Sam. They have some of the best criminal justice minds in the southwest there. Plus the campus is awesome.
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                Too bad they aren't around San Antonio. I'd love to go back to school, but, the tution would kill me.

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                  You know..

                  It seems odd to me that is fairly hard for me to obtain a scholarship. I attend a private school in Texas which costs about $12,000 to $14,000 a year overall, for the spring and fall semesters. You figure four and a half years of college.. at $13,000 a year would cost $58,500. Our school runs on a "fine system" for discipline problems. You got it, we screw up and we have to pay for it, literally. We also have "room check" in which we must have our room checked once a week and receive a grade depending on how clean it is. Considering I am a neat freak and for the most part abide by the rules, I have never gotten less than an Excellent (for a room check for the 2 years I have been here. Excellent is the highest rating) and I have yet to be fined.

                  Interesting how the school cannot offer any scholarships/grants for people who actually have their act together. Maybe it is only my school, but it seems that they couldn't care less about a person who is active in the community, working with local Law Enforcement to better the community (explorers), involved with Church and a few other characteristics I believe are important to the community.

                  Ok, now that I have cried everyone a river, put on your raincoat and PM me if you know of any scholarship sources for folk in Texas who are going into LE. I have tried several scholarship sources such as, but they seem to be of little help. Thanks!

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