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CCTV... would you believe it?


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  • CCTV... would you believe it?

    A few weeks ago a Crown Prosecutor popped into my office to show me a CCTV video of an
    an ongoing case, it went something like this..

    In the early hours a CCTV operator operated by a local council panned along a road leading to a nearby council estate, it followed a drunken young man staggering along the footpath, next to which was a grass verge. On the grass verge was tethered a horse/pony, which is the sort of thing people do in this part of the world.

    This drunken male then approaches the horse, lifts its tail, at the same time undoing his trouser zip. At this point the male mounts the horse, in the biblical sense that is, he gets his rhythm going for a minute or so before pulling away and walking over to a nearby streetlight where he checks himself out before returning to the horse, flicking its tail onto its back and remounting.

    After a couple of minutes the horse clearly not interested kicks out at the would be suitor. The drunk then appears to shout obscenities at the horse before giving it the 'v' sign and walking off.

    The drunk was picked up nearby and spent the night in the cells before being charged with beastiality the next morning.

    The sting in the tail?... the horse was male and called Freddie, when checked over by a vet it was found to be OK.. the drunk when he got to court pleaded not guilty to beastiality because he stated he was few inches too short for penetration he pleaded guilty to a lesser offence against public decency and is awaiting sentence.

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      This is both sick and amusing at the same time.

      Essex Police once tried to charge a man with beastiality for attempting to have sex with a duck. It was thrown out after the defence convinced the judge that a duck was not 'an animal' for the purposes of the 'sexual offences act 18??'!!!!

      Did the guy explain quite 'WHY?' he wanted to shag the horse?



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        This stuff does occur.Is this sick or what? One midnight shift in a rural part of the County a farmer awoke to see a light in his barn. Upon investigation he found a man standing on a bale of hay doing the big nasty with one of his cows. The mans trousers were down around his ankles. The cow had dropped a big load of digested stinky right into the mans pants.

        This man has been arrested for beastiality numerous times. His nick name is aptly known as "Two Bale".

        "We herd sheep, we drive cattle, we lead people. Lead me, follow me, or get out of my way." General George S. Patton

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          That is just not right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          "They may have been ugly. They may have been evil. But when it came to poetry-in-motion, the Things had all the grace and coordination of a desk-chair." Terry Pratchett

          An axe can make any computer problem seem like hours of fun.


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            LOL, Colin, I always really enjoy reading your posts

            Poor Freddie. Well, at least the perpetrator was a few inches short of the mark!

            I wonder if this character makes a habit of this type of behaviour. Like Michael- I would be interested in hearing the explanation he put forward for his amorous actions.

            Michael: interesting! I wonder why ducks are NOT protected from people who seek to have their wicked way with them

            Guard Dog: What a story! As a habitual offender, "Two Bale" needs to seek some behavioural counseling

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              I can top it.

              Within the last month, a man in a county that lies within our district died of a heart attack while copulating with a pig.

              Yes. It is true.

              Ordinarily, this would be a felony, however, since the defendant is now deceased, we will not be prosecuting.



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                I think I'm gonna be sick!


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                  And people think all the freaks and weirdos are in California. That's just been disproven.
                  Contrary to popular belief, knowledge is not power. Without wisdom, knowledge is useless.


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                    Sorry folks, no explanation was given as to why he decided to mount the horse, everyone to his own I suppose.

                    Our first response, as this was a copy of the original tape, was to which TV programme could we sell it?

                    The reason for the posting was more to do with me wondering whether anyone else had seen unusual CCTV footage, not just perverse behaviour.


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                      These beat the one about the guy poking the pumpkins in Georgia...LOL

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                        Better the pumpkins then the poor animals


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                          I heard a story from my force that vets were called to a cow in a field one day. On examination they found a "male member" inside it's back-side. Apparently cows produce Great Suction !!!!!!

                          Very strange thing is : After checking with the hospitals - Nobody ever attended with a missing "part". Very strange.

                          Stay Safe

                          "Never under-estimate the power of thick people in large groups"


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                   I had heard about the power of a cows suction, never tried it myself..yet!!

                            this is the sort of topic that most forces have experience of, in other words it is not uncommon.........

                            two spring to mind here one a few years ago when a couple out walking their dog at night saw a guy having it off with an alsation in a school playing field...... he was arrested.

                            another many years ago near to where I live the local village idiot was reported buggering the family jack russell terrier (they are about 8 inches high and 12 inches long) must have hurt??????????

                            I prefer the one when I was Cust. Sgt. last year and one of my young PC's came in having arrested a female 35yrs old alcoholic vagrant type whom he had arrested drunk and disorderly in the local city park......... the evidence??????? she was shagging her rucksack in the middle of the flower bed!!!!


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                              Old "Two Bale" went in to renew his drivers license. The examiner started with the usual questions. He asked "Can you make a U-Turn?"
                              Two Bale replied " No, but I can make her eyes bug out!"

                              Survivor the show..filmed in the "Outback", Where men are men and sheep run like hell"

                              Sick Sick Sick
                              OK more sheep jokes

                              "We herd sheep, we drive cattle, we lead people. Lead me, follow me, or get out of my way." General George S. Patton

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                              "The view only changes for the lead dog." ~ Sergeant Preston of The Yukon ~


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