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Pipestone pipes! $25,000.00 (dang).


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  • Pipestone pipes! $25,000.00 (dang).

    Here's a link to an actual store in AZ that sells American pipestone pipe bowls and their wood stems to overseas tourists who take a tour of America and have no idea what a bunco is being pulled on them.

    Take a look at the Apache pipe & stem being sold for $21,000.00

    Or the Chippewa Chiefs' Ceremoninal pipe & stem for the price of $25,000.00

    Then there is the always popular Pipestone bowl alone, for economy-minded folks at $10,500.00

    The fine people who run this store are also very, very picky as to who they will talk to; for example, when I walked into their place in June, they about threw me out, said my attitude was bad

    If anyone here wants to know the actual and fair price of such sacred items, the cost to the person who really uses such items, you just need to ask


    Jim Burnes

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    Originally posted by Jim Burnes:
    Here's a link to an actual store in AZ
    Um Jim, not to quibble here, but the webpage says it's in Santa Fe, N. Mexico. You know, that state (of mind) that is between Oklahomely and Azaronia.

    We have enough scams of our own going on here without being accused falsely!
    6P1 (retired)


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        dang, that's alot of cash!

        hmmm... i have a couple pipes and bowls from my highschool era that meant alot to ME... and i need money. hey GoodGirl...are you interested?? hehe
        "You did what you knew how to do...and when you knew better, you did better." ~~Maya Angelou


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          No body asked, but I'll tell anyway.

          ZERO. That's 0. Such pipes are an integral part of religious ceremony and are used in prayer by many nations. The pipstone they are carved from is found only in Pipestone Quarry, Minn. The raw stone can be had from that quarry only by citizens of Federally Recognized nations. They can even dig it out themselves (but that's hard labor and wasteful, plus mostly the quarry is flooded).

          This quarry has always been a sacred place, where any nation that used the pipe could stay while removing stone and be assured of total peace while there. Enemies would work side by side.

          Certain nations were instructed by Holy Visions ages ago to use the pipe. Other nations, such as the Cherokee don't use the pipe, but do use tobacco for prayer.

          The pipes on that page, if sold in America to American Indians would fetch maybe $50.00 New age crazies will pay maybe $100.00 (but they abuse them too).

          But pipes overall, just like the ones on the website are made then given away to the people of the nations that have the religious responsibility to pray with them.

          And the wooden stems that are being sold for thousands and thousands of dollars?
          For crying out loud, they are just hollowed out sticks, lol lol lol

          Jim Burnes


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            To heck with those pipes!!! Did you feast your peepers on the prices of the Native American Moccasins!!!!!!!!!!!
            " Life's disappointments are harder to take when you don't know any swear words." - Calvin


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              Yes, some are so well made, I'd pay up to $100.00 cash!

              However, though not part of sacred ceremony, the foot coverings that are fully beaded, including the sole, are to be worn by the deceased and buried with them.

              But the store won't tell you that.

              Jim Burnes


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                I wonder how much I can get for the arrowhead and knife blade my bro-in-law sent me that found on the Standing Rock Reservation!!
                " Life's disappointments are harder to take when you don't know any swear words." - Calvin


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                  $1.23 here; $12,000.00 in Russia.


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