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  • Pug owners?

    I was going to actually post something relevant, but Bear (aka ChunkyButt), my three year old black Pug dog, came into the room and started snoring so loud I lost my train of thought.

    Anyone else have one of these hairly little monsters?

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    I have 2 Yorkies but the female we call Pig Dog because she snorts and snores so loud!


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      Our Lab, Lays by the side of the bed and runs in her sleep. Very weird. I used to have a pug when i was a kid. Her name was misty. Left home at an early age and never got to see her again before she passed on. One dog i truly miss.
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        I have 3 months old Husky puppy. He is not snoring and not barking anytime BUT wants to play with me all the time. Sometimes i lost my train of thought because of that.

        P.S. Friends did ya remember when i was looking for a name for the puppy? I finally solve that problem and named my puppy "WOLFIE" He is a Siberian Husky acts and looks like a Wolf.
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          No but my girlfriend has two and they both snore up a storm. The next thing is ear plugs.
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            Every time I see one of those pugs, it reminds me of when I was about 14.

            I stayed at a friend's house on a regular basis and his grandmother raised pugs. We fed one of them a BIG chunk out of a Hershey's 2lb chocolate bar (didn't do any lasting damage and at the time I didn't know chocolate was bad for dogs).

            I now know where the term "Hershey squirts" comes from!

            To all you animal lovers out there, the dog was fine after it all passed thru his system. The off-white shag carpet never was the same though.
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              I couldn't have a pug. My Shepard would mistake it for a chew toy.


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                Pugs are bred to have that pushed in face, hence the snoring. My female Yorkie snores because she has a slightly pushed in face. When she snores, you can hear her in another room! The male Yorkie doesn't snore but his snout is much longer then hers. He came from a breeder just starting out. SHe breeds only tiny Yorkies. He came from a litter of 4.....3 tiny but he is really huge for a Yorkie. He has no health problems because he has not been bres down. My female came from a lomng line of small Yorkies so she has been bred down and has the health problems to show for it.

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                  Pug? Isn't that the dog with a face that looks like it ran in to a wall at about 50mph? JUST JOKING!! I think they are cute dogs. Have a friend whose parents raised them.

                  My dachshund doesn't snore, but she farts up a storm! Any one else have a dog who gets a little malodorous every now and then?

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                    Dated a girl who owned one. Funniest little thing I ever saw. He snored louder than a cross-town bus! There is a spot here in the middle of Central Park, NYC where Pug owners congregate every Sat & Sun called 'Pug Hill'. They let their Pugs socialize and go crazy. You should hear the snorting! You'd swear you were in a pig pen.


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