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  • still not even a rookie!

    Just an up date. Heard from the department I had an interveiw with on wednesday. They were kind enough to send me a letter telling me I didn't make the cut. I kinda had afeeling it was a "sorry to inform you " letter when I took it out of the mail box.

    The good news is the test I took covered ten differnt towns. I heard back from two so far. One is the town I just heard from and I'm still waiting to hear from the second. They had us drop off applications. They said they will get back with the date and time of the interveiw. But that was a month ago tomorrow. 40 took the test. 25 passed both the written and physical test.
    10 towns/ 25 canidates. Odds seem to be good.

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    did you pass the written and physical? Sorry, I havent been reading much lately otherwise I might have already known.

    Don't worry about rejection letters... it takes a few before you get the hang of things and the way to take tests.

    I originally applied in cities that I didnt want to work so that I could get a feel for the testing processes. Although a ten city test is great to get in on. some of those cities will keep indefinite lists.

    Good luck.
    Oh... Oh... I know you di-int!


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      Sorry to hear that. Have you thought about starting out in Detention or as a reserve? Doesnt your state have a standard POST? In Montana our test is good for the entire state and the scores are good for two years. The physical test scores are good for 6 months.
      Good luck in the future.


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        In New Hampshire you take the written and physical the same day. I passed them both!
        Just not the oral exam This is the fourth test taken. I passed the Mass Civil service with an 98%last year,But the towns/cities I chose are not hiring and the city I live in is laying off 15 officers. The second town I tested for I passed the written & pt, made it to the oral board. Didn't pas that obviously. Number three test pass the written failed hard core on the pt.
        I have a feeling what I did wrong on this interveiw. I made a promise to myself, "in 2002 I'll be in blue!" Haven't broken a promise yet!!!!!


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          Originally posted by Krmptss:
          the city I live in is laying off 15 officers.
          You know, it's a sad day for law enfocement when somewhere in America people are laying off police officers and somewhere else in America someone is becoming a criminal!!

          Sorry about your job, but keep your head up! Somebody will hire you, if I can get hired you surely can
          In valor there is hope - Tacitus


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            I agree its sad. Not to be politically incorrect or anything. In Mass, the politicians spend more of our taxes on welfare than potection. My city is not the only one laying officers off. I know of about eight towns in the area thinking of lay offs. We had a state police test in june and i heard there was about 12,000 applicants. one third of them were already officers. I think thats the fiqure , but don't quote me on it. The sadest thing is about my city is we've been going through chiefs like water. This last one only lasted about 14 months! Back to my first point. Welfare only helps a few individuals. Police officers helps everyone. It doesn't seem logical.


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