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  • fiction fact-check help

    hello. i'm primarily a fiction writer and would like to ask a fact-check type of question. i was wondering if an officer had any quibbles about the likelihood of the following happening, though this did happen to our family when i was growing up: our family dog got hit by a car, and a policeman put the dog down for us by shooting her. however, a number of hours later, when we went out to the back to take her collar off and bury her, she was still alive. if anyone has any thoughts about this, from the police officer's point of view, i'd appreciate any help or any details that might make the retelling of this story more vivid. for instance, would you have to file a report? would your fingers smell like anything from shooting the pistol? ANY information you gave me would be helpful--including other resources and books i might find in order to understand the life of a police officer more fully. most of all, i want to be as truthful and detail-rich as possible. thank you very much for your time and thoughts. take good care, sickan

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    Wouldn't put the animal down, not my job... wouldn't even consider using my pistol as I would be looking at days off if I shot a dog in the city...

    Just kiss it off to animal control, they get paid to play with pets...

    I'm 10-8...

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      It's not uncommon for me to find animals that have been struck by cars during the course of my duties. I work in a rural area and car vs. deer calls aren't all that unusual. Because of this we are allowed to put animals down at our discretion, if we feel like they are suffering.

      I dont really like doing it, but I wont let an animal suffer either. When I do put an animal down I have to contact my superviosr and request permission, to date that permission has never been denied.

      As far as actually doing the deed, usually it's just a shot to the head and it's all over with. Then I file a use of force report detailing why I discharged my weapon and how many rounds I fired. There wont be any noticeable powder residue from firing one round.

      About your dog, I am really sorry that happend like it did. I am and always will be a dog lover. My dogs are like my family, so I hate it when I have to put down a dog. In that instance I would attempt to contact the family first, unless the dog was really suffering very badly. In the few instances where I have had to shoot a dog I dont think any of them have been family pets. None ever had a collar or rabies tag, and most appeared to be strays.

      I only have one book reccomaendation that deals with this topic. The book is called The Moon Is Always Full by David Hunter. It's a truly great book, I read it when I was in college and haven't stumbled on very many books that equal this one. I rate it as a must read, especially if you want insight into the life of a cop. I found it on amazon.com. Here's the link so you can check it out.


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        If I have to put an animal down I usually get permission, which is never denied, and then I use my Beretta .22, my gun, my ammo, no report other than a note in my log that I did it. If I used my duty weapon then I'd have to file a use of force report. I've only had to shoot one dog, a stray, but she was suffering. I've had to shoot countless deer, in town no less. I think we have more deer than dogs.

        I'm a dog lover too, sorry to hear about your pet.
        Road Warrior

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          I've been lucky so far only deer...and I was off duty driving down the road at the time.

          I came around a corner and there is this deer crawling across the road. I could have kept driving, but I had to stop.

          I was so worried about making a nice quick clean shot to the head that I missed the first shot. But it only took one .40 Winchester silvertip to do the job.

          Having to shoot a dog would really bother me, but it would bother me more to see it suffer and know I could have done something about it.

          And SpecOps

          Try Hunters second book "Black Friday Coming Down." I think it was even better than "the Moon is Always Full." It should still be available in paperback.


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            We're authorized to put down an animal if it is injured to the point that it's the only choice. In the case of domesticated animals is concerned, we have to contact the owners if at all possible. In all cases we have to get supervisory permission. A report has to be completed and unless you're really shaken up over it, there's no mandatory time off.

            Any time you fire a gun, you'll have some carbon deposits on your hands. If you shoot enough you may be able to get a faint whiff of them briefly.

            Don't know about the books mentioned above, but if you want real life stuff, stick around here for a while. You just may get more than you ever wanted to know!


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              Sorry to butt in, but reading this thread got me curious...

              Do you guys use ear protection when you know you'll be discharging the weapon and it's not a life-threatening situation?
              Ignorance can be remedied, stupidity cannot.


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                I put my ear plugs in then I offered the deer a last cigarette and a blindfold.

                But seriously I use earplugs all the time on the range. But not when I dispatch an animal.

                Funny I don't remember hearing the shot either.


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