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    Hey guys. I'm 19 and a new Police Explorer with a Dept. in Minnesota. I am very much interested in Law Enforcement. I am confident I can do such, I have no criminal background, physically and mentally fit, and of good moral and am honest, I plan on being a Reserve Officer next year. I was wondering where or if anybody has actually become a Peace Officer without the college education. I believe I had read somewhere (a Dept. out of state) that you can become a Peace Officer per you complete the testing,(physical,psychological, eyes/ears, exams etc) without the continued education, and another Dept. that looked at who you were rather than the globs of education you have. I was wondering if this is in fact possible. I know I want to get certified as EMT/First Responder and take Spanish classes. It is very late so I hope I make sense, any and all responses are appreciated! Good luck and be careful out there.
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    Hello from Iowa! First off, where in MN are you from? I have a lot of relatives up there.

    Here, a college education is not required. If a city wants to hire you, and send you to the academy, they may. But that is a slim possibility.

    If you have the opportunity to go to college, then by all means, GO! You can never have too much training in this business.

    Many of the bigger cities that pay well here are now beginning to require college time. Des Moines requires you to have at least 15 credit hours under yout belt. Other cities want you to have at least a 2 year degree.

    I regret dropping out of college when I did. May have a better place in the business now.
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      Hi and welcome to the forum, if myself or any of the other staff can be of assistance please feel free to email any of us.

      I dont know about Minnesota but down here most of the local agencies dont reguire a college degree, the only educational requirement my department has is a high school diploma or GED. Some of the state level jobs dont even require a college degree, I have a buddy who recently went to work for our states largest investigative agency and all he had was his high school diploma. Now you can pretty much rule out most fed jobs with out at least a bachelors degree.


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