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Summer Colds


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  • Summer Colds

    They suck!

    My throat hurts, I can't hardly hear and my nose burns.

    I wish I could go home.

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    ((((((Piper)))))) Feel better soon, buddy.


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      I hate sumer colds. Here you are, your throat hurts, your head hurts, you sweat just walking to and from the car. It seems like it always takes me longer to get over a summer cold then one in cool or colder weather.

      [ 07-19-2002: Message edited by: Mitzi ]


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        it really bites to be you Piper !! LOL
        J/K buddy hope you feel better soon
        We must use time wisely and forever realize that the time is always ripe to do right.

        Nelson Mandela


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          (((((Piper))))) Feel Better Soon !!!
          Have you ever noticed? Anybody going slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac.


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            LOL...just woke from a nap, totally stopped up...

            To hear a gal sound like Bobby Hill from King of the Hill dial 502-314-.......



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              Hey Piper...
              Hope you feel better soon, summer colds are the worst!! Besides feeling like crap, it's so pretty and warm outside it makes you mad knowing you can't enjoy it! Get well soon!
              In valor there is hope - Tacitus


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                Piper you do seem to have a lot of luck, don't you. Unfortunately, the wrong kind. I agree with everybody else here - SUMMER COLDS SUCK!

                Hope you get to feeling better soon. Maybe you need to take some vitamin B (you know, Bourbon!) It won't make you feel any better, but at least you won't care (for a while.)
                6P1 (retired)


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                  Get Well Soon

                  to me the worst part about them is trying to breathe in that hot humid air! at least cold air is refreshing lol.
                  "You did what you knew how to do...and when you knew better, you did better." ~~Maya Angelou


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                    Hey piper what is a summer cold?

                    HA HA HA HA HA HA HA


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                      Originally posted by U17:
                      Hey piper what is a summer cold?

                      HA HA HA HA HA HA HA
                      It's a cold, that you get, in the SUMMER.


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                        LOL get better soon Piper.

                        Are you a Veteran? If so join AMVETS the only organization that accepts all vets no matter when or where they served. Contact me for more info.


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                          Hey, I cured mine by eating barbecue potato chips.


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                            So PIPER is who I caught this cold from! Thanks for "coming to work" sick!


                            Kidding! I think I cought it from one of my co-workers. Actually... just about all of us showed up sick today. Which reminds me....

                            Is it me, or does everyone hate the "hardcharger" who comes to work sick?

                            I'm all for going to work if you need to and not taking off sick unless you're actually sick...

                            But I find it somewhat irresponsible for sick people to come to work... where they then spread their germs to everyone else... and a few days later, the whole office is sick with the same thing.

                            I mean geez! I'm glad that you can "tough it out" and show the boss how "dedicated" you are, but how about a little consideration for the rest of us!?!

                            I only showed up today because I figured it was allergies unitl I got here and EVERYONE was sick. Of course, since everyone is already sick, there wouldn't be much point in my going home to keep from spreading it around.

                            Illnesses should only be shared with family!!


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                              I know what you mean Sparky...

                              I thought mine was allergies till I got sicker. So I rested all weekend and I'm feeling pretty good today. Thanks to those who took the time to read and post to my whine.

                              Germ Free Hugs,


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