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  • Motorcyles (recreation)

    I've been wanting a motorcycle for the past two years. I finally plan to take the Motorcycle Safety Foundation's safety course this September. I'm pretty small (5'1") so I've been checking out bikes that will be realistic for my height. I'm really liking the Honda Shadow VLX. It's a 600 cc cruiser. Anyone own one of these? How do you like it? Honda has a heck of a deal right now, 1.99% interest $29/month finance. So I'm considering buying a brand new bike.

    [ 07-19-2002: Message edited by: Summer Rain ]

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    IF your going to buy a bike buy one that you can lift back up from its side. I do not know how many people I have helped get their bikes up over the years because they were unable to lift them when they either layed them down on accident or on purpose. Other than that I would get a bike that fits you and goes with what you want to look like.

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      I had a Kawasaki ZX7-R back in 99. It was pretty sweet. Nothing like a Honda Shadow though. Can't compare the two. They're apples and oranges.

      Wait...wasn't that a comparison? I suck.

      Have a few friends with the shadow (although not brand new ones) and they have nothing bad to say about the bike. Good luck, and more importanly, BE SAFE


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        The MSF Safety Course is EXCELLENT. I took it years ago, when I was thinking of riding for recreation (I already had a car).

        Since the course is nearly two months away, you may want to hold off buying the bike until you take the course. MSF usually has several types of bikes (lent or donated by manufacturers and dealers) for the students to use. You may find one at the course that you really like over the others.


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          Summer, being 5'1 Im kind of surprised you can sit flat footed on the Shadow. My only advise to you is to make sure you can sit flat footed, and can work the kick stand while seated. I've seen a lot of people on bikes which are way to big for them. while seated they are on tip toes. though they may be able to balance in a controlled enviroment they often dump it when under pressure or when someone pulls out in front of them. Just my 2 cents with your height and limited riding experience take a look at the Honda Rebel. Good, inexpensive bike to learn on.


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            Summer, being 5'1 Im kind of surprised you can sit flat footed on the Shadow.
            I can sit flat footed on it. That's one of the main reasons I'm interested in that particular bike because it's seat height is only 25" I've also considered the Rebel, but if I decide to got with that one, I definitely won't buy brand new. It's so small, I'm afraid I'll outgrow it fast.

            I will take Sig's advice and wait until after I take the class to make a final decision on a bike. Was just looking for some input from folks that might already have this bike.

            Thanks guys~


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              My $.02 worth. Wait until you complete the course before you buy anything. when you do buy, buy the biggest cc bike that you are comfortable with because you will outgrow a small quickly as you become more comfortable riding. I don't think any of the manufacturers are putting out a bad bike anymore. Quality has come along way on everybody's machines.


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                Originally posted by Summer Rain:
                I'm really liking the Honda Shadow VLX. It's a 600 cc cruiser.

                Honda has a heck of a deal right now, 1.99% interest $29/month finance
                Any of the Shadow line, from the Spirit to the Sabre, are good bikes if you just ride in town or short distances. They have limited range due to a small gas tank. Anything with "Honda" on it is usually reliable.

                Like they say, "When you buy a motorcycle buy anything Japanese or German".

                Check that $29/month deal carefully, you may get stuck with 11% or better interest at the end of those 6 months.
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                  Hey, Summer, if you buy it, pay $100 a month, not $29. That way, when they hit you for finance, you've either paid it off already, or won't pay as much in financing ... I always try to pay at least an extra $30 on my car payment.


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                    I agree with Sig's advice.. buy something after the MSF course. The MSF people should have a variety bikes to "test" ride during the course. Most dealers won't let you demo a bike these days.
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                      Summer I'm not all that familiar with the smaller Shadow. But I had the VT1100 for a couple of years. Nice boulevard cruiser, but it sucks big time on long trips. It hurt my back due to the riding position. The extended foot pegs that are sooo comfortable for twenty minutes or so, are a real killer if you are on the bike for several hours.

                      When I owned mine, I lived in Death Valley. It was a three hour ride (each way) to Las Vegas, Barstow or Bishop, a two hour ride to Ridgecrest, or Lone Pine.

                      One time (and ONLY one time) I rode that sucker for 9 hours straight, stopping only for gas, food or uh "comfort." It was two days before I could walk comfortably again.

                      As I said, they are nice for the short trips, they are simple bikes, but because of the extended front end and the foot peg positioning, they just don't handle real well. Considering your size, you might want to look at a Night Hawk which is much more of the "standard" motorcycle than the Shadow is. The Shadow is basically a "Harley Wannabe" cruiser.

                      I traded mine on a Gold Wing. But that really is a big bike! And big $$$$$$$$ too.

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