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The Order of the Phoenix


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  • The Order of the Phoenix

    Well, it came out on Saturday: the fifth Harry Potter book.

    I'll be the first to admit that I'm a fan of the series. I had it reserved on and delivered via FedEx Saturday afternoon. So fess up, 'cuz I know I wasn't the only one.

    This book was a lot darker than any of the previous, particularly Harry's mood ... cripes man, take a chill pill! It certainly ended on a down note (and now we'll probably have to wait *ANOTHER* 3 years for book #6 - bad enough "Prisoner of Azkaban" doesn't hit theaters until 11/04!).

    Oh well, I've got some Neal Stephenson and Alan Furst to keep me busy until then.

    (PS - for those who haven't read the book yet, let's try not to give too much away, m'kay?, like OcciferDave's "Attack of the Clone" post, where he's all "oooh, the Death Star! Oooooh, Yoda on crack!")

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    Hey Crazy,
    I'm a big Harry Potter fan too. Sadly for me, I have to wait until my wife is done with it before I get a crack at it though . But, I'm also a big Neal Stephenson fan too. However, unless he has something new out too (I hope I hope), chances are I've already read it too.

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      Too bad they didn't mess up your order like they did mine! Two books for the price of one. Gave the second copy to my sister.

      PS - it's worth the wait.


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        Sat at home all day Saturday, waiting for the Fed Ex guy to show up. Finally, at 3:00, he showed up. At 3:02 I had the box open and was reading away. I finished on Monday AM; my hubby finished with it yesterday afternoon.

        I really, really liked it. So many questions answered, just to be replaced by new ones. I hope Ms Rowling doesn't wait another three years!!!
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          Harry who ?
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