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Laci overload


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  • Laci overload

    The Laci Peterson murder was a gruesome deed, I think everyone agrees on that.

    But for crying out loud, how much coverage is a trial that's not really even happening yet going to get.

    Please tell me I'm not the only one that has just absolutely had enough of this damn story for a while!

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    Well, i gotta admit, i'm hooked on it! [Eek!]

    They had a special on CourtTV the other day on all the PRE-trial stuff, and it was so interesting. I think all the twists and turns and unbelievable stuff make it an amazing case.

    I had never heard before that Scott had (allegedly) told Amber Frye that he didnt do it, but that he knew who did.

    I am also continually amazed by his arrogance and stupidity. The lawyers all said that EVERYthing he said to reporters in all his interviews is admissable in court. I think he hung himself already...

    But Nite, i can see why you feel the covereage is too much. They really do talk constantly about it.

    [ 06-25-2003, 04:29 AM: Message edited by: jellybean40 ]
    "You did what you knew how to do...and when you knew better, you did better." ~~Maya Angelou


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      Oddly enough, I live next to where the murder took place, and I think I've heard more on national news than I have in the local news about the murder...
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        My question is, we have had many murders like this in Los Angeles, and the press usually isn't even interested. Why the interest in this one? This isn't the first husband-wife murder that has ever happened.


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          Retired, I think I have an answer for that. Laci Peterson was a beatiful young woman. Scott Peterson is (in some people's opinion) a handsome young man. The families have money. Had this been a murder of a fat, toothless, unemployed woman living in a trailer park, it would have barely made the local news, much less the national news. Let's face it, murders happen every day, but beauty and money sells stories.

          Niteshift, I totally agree with you. Enough already!!


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            Hear hear! Let's get Scott his fair and trial and hope to heaven when he's convicted he get's life in prison with a cell mate who not only knows what Scott did, but reminds him every day.
            "Americans don't want a mentally unstable president; he might start a war or something." - Bill Maher


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