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Finished at last!


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  • Finished at last!

    Well, after almost 3 months of training (and 244 hours later) I have finally finished the VT Waiver course and am now full-time certified in this great (used lightly) state!

    I can't even begin to tell anyone how much of a pain in the a** it was, traveling back in forth to take classes, but I can say that I will not be moving again if this is what it will take to get certified everywhere!

    But, it's over now...thank god!

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    Congratulations to you!!!  -


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      I was certified in another state and had to go through a "waiver" course to get certified here.


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        Congratulations Vtfuzz.. Did you have to complete and pass the Cooper's standard too??
        In this State even if someone does a transfer from one agency to another they have to go through EVERYTHING again to meet POST criteria.
        If their "cert card" is still valid they can bypass the academy classes.
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          Thanks for reminding me. I've been tentatively offered a position with the Nevada Highway Patrol here at the new home front. If I take it, I will have to go to Carson City August 11 (read too far to drive home on the weekends ) for 13 weeks of academy crap I have alredy had. I think I will get 3-4 days of motor carrier stuff that is new. every thing else will be refresher. Yes, I have already been to the highway patrol accident school too. I am way too old to go through another academy.

          The only good thing about the whole ordeal, other than the job itself when I get done with three months of hell, is it has made me get serious about the workouts again. I refuse to be the fattest guy in the class. I'm back to 4-5 days a week in the gym, on the bicycle or running every morning, and weighing out and writing down the food intake again. Back in pants with waist sizes starting with a 3 again Heh, it's a start.


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            Congrats Vtfuzz and Desert Rat!!

            I bet 244 hours is long. I had to take about 40 hours because I wasn't a state recognized officer for 4 years. That was long enough. Constitutional law and juvenile law. Like we didn't have the constitution where I worked. Everything was the same as the state for juveniles. LAME.

            But if it keeps the state happy. Vtfuzz, I imagine most of what you had was a refresher.
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