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The myth of teen invincibility...


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  • The myth of teen invincibility...

    A McNairy County teen was killed in a one-vehicle accident Saturday morning on a rural road. Samuel xxxxx, 17, of 231 xxxxx Drive, died when he lost control of his 1998 Toyota 4-Runner in a curve on New Hope Road. He left the roadway, rolled down an embankment and was ejected.
    This is what I HATE about working in a small town. You get to 'know' everyone.

    I saw this young man late last Thursday night, comforting one of his friends, at the scene of a minor '10-45'(auto accident). Who would have guessed that this fine, young man(he really was) would be dead less than 48 hours later?

    Sometimes, things really suck.....
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    No doubt.

    A friend of mine caused a DUI fatal out here last year. I worked with him at the high school. Never would have thought it.

    I've lived out here long enough now, I deal with more people I do know than don't.on calls. Has it's ups and downs for sure.


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      I've lost so many friends and friends of friends over the last 4 years it's not even funny. Six come to my mind right now...Not counting the ones who were hovering on that fine line between life and death.

      And I've experienced the here one minute gone the next thing. It's a pretty small place here too. It boggles the mind...
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        Yeah, that's one of the hardest parts of the job when you are in a small area. As I posted in another thread, when it came to taking folks to jail, it didn't bother me (usually) but the fatals were hard to take.

        Even the ones where the fatal was a total jerk weed. It still rattles your cage a little when it's somebody you know.
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