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Simple crash turns ugly


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  • Simple crash turns ugly

    Hey, I hang my arm out the window while I'm big deal.

    I'm re-thinking that now after a crash I saw.

    What would have been a minor, fairly low damage "T-bone" kind of crash got ugly when the guy in the car that was hit had it arm hanging out the window. The fault vehicle damn near took it off. Very little was keeping the arm attached from about the elbow will take a miracle for him to have full use of it again.

    I can tell you I followed Disney Worlds advice and kept my arms inside the vehicle until the ride came to a complete stop tonight.

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    Good reminder.

    Another bad move is how many people sit with their legs up on the dash on the passenger side, some even have them sticking out the window.


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      The other one is the passenger with the seat fully reclined. Upon impact, you'll tend to "submarine" under the belt.

      Man, a crash light enough to not be knocked unconscious but yet about takes your arm off so you're aware of it the whole time. Damn!


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        I saw a four year old boy breath his last breath when he was killed in a 20mph impact. The car he was riding in t-boned a car that turned in front of it and the lady driving the kid didn't believe in seat belts. Kid hit the dashboard. He shouldn't have even had a headache, neither car was disabled.


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          I saw a wreck that was fatal even though no contact occured.

          A car pulled up to 4 way stop sign and stopped. Car from the right is coming but does not stop. Driver thinks because he has stopped , its his turn and he pulls out, almost into the car that should have stopped but didnt. He slams on the brakes just barely avoiding a collision. NO seat belts were being worn. The mom, (with a 2 year old boy in her lap) get thrown into the dash up against kid and breaks his neck, killing him on the spot. It was tragic. No contact, no injury to mom, just kid. If a car seat and seatbelts had been in use, it would have been nothing.

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                We were going to breakfast once and the cars in front of us were going so slow that we looked at the speedometer and it said 5mph. As we got to a stop, my H got out of the car thinking the car 5 cars ahead of us us had someone sick in it or something. No, it was just a man with a 2 year old in his lap letting him "steer" the car. My H even heard him say, ""No, keep the wheel straight" as the man steered with his knee.
                My H could not believe it and I heard him yell and come back to the car, super p*ssed off. The line started moving and that car pulled into the restaurant we were going to.
                We get out of the car and the man came over, holding the baby, and said, "Hey, sorry about that". SORRY ABOUT THAT? My H told him he was a stupid bastard and that the baby better be in the car seat when he left. It disturbed my H so much, he hardly talked during the whole meal except to glare at the guy across the room and say, "Idiot" under his breath as he ate.


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