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    Hello everyone, do any of you watch minor league baseball? We have a single A team in Lansing, the Lugnuts and also one in Grand Rapids, The Whitecaps. I like to go out and watch them on a nice sunny day with some friends. You also get to see some talent that may someday be big in the future. Just wondering what teams are in your area and if you check them out?
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    Oops I thought I was in general forum not ask a cop, my mistake.
    "This is Papa Bear. Put out an APB for a male suspect, driving a car of some sort; heading in the direction of, uh, you know, that place that sells chilli. Suspect is hatless. Repeat, hatless." -Chief Wiggum


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      I really enjoyed the Tulsa Drillers games that I have been to see. I used to go see the Macon Braves some, but they have since moved to Rome (GA).
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        I run the ads on the matrix board for the local Triple A team, the Memphis Redbirds.

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          My local team is the Eugene Emeralds (Ems), but I've also had the pleasure of seeing the Columbus (GA) Redstixx and the Louisville Bats.

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            Moving to General Topics


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              we have the Mahoning Valley Scrappers here in town. they are a AA minor league team for the Indians. they've been here a couple of years now and i have still have yet to go to one of their games.
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                I go see the Chattanooga Lookouts (AA for the Reds) from time to time.

                Six triples in one game?; How many MLB games do you see THAT happen?


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                  Minor league baseball is the best. Cheap tickets, cheap food, and usually more fun. A couple of weeks ago, I caught my first Beloit Snappers game, (Class A affiliate of the Milwaukee Brewers) and on Saturday I caught a Wisconsin Timber Rattlers game. (Class A affiliate of the Seattle Mariners.)

                  In Madison, we have the Madison Mallards. They are in a league made up of college-only kids, so they don't get paid. The Mallards games are some of the best times I have had at the ballpark, due to everything else going on at the field. (Music, prize giveaways, games, etc.)
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                    When I used to live in Virginia...used to go watch the Norfolk Tides (AAA-Mets) and I got to see Craig Paquette in action before he ended up in the World Series the next season after being called up! Yes, there are some talented folks on those teams...

                    In Cali, used to go watch the Lake Elsinore Storm (A-Angels)...very nice facilities, but you could tell the difference in talent from A to AAA...

                    It was fun though...these guys still play for fun and for the love of sport despite the low pay!
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                      I don't think I could complain if I was getting paid enough to make a living to play baseball all my life. The only thing that would suck would be on the road all the time.
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                        I like going to Wisconsin Timber Rattler's (A ball, Seattle Mariners) games. I have been to a couple this year. I have seen the Lansing Lugnuts play in Appleton already. The last game I went to was against the Whitecaps.

                        I am hoping to see the T-Rats play the Beloit Snappers. The Brewers have some good talent on that club. Prince Fielder (Cecil Fielder's son) is on that team. He is quite a power hitter.

                        Badgerland...let me know when you are coming up for a T-Rats game. Maybe we can meet.

                        Futureenforcement..... Unless they get a big bonus (usually first rounders) minor leaguers don't make that much cash. Most have to have jobs in the off season. It would be great playing, but not much of a way to make a living, unless you are good enough to get to AAA or the majors. Heck, major league players get a pension if they play in one game.
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                          Sorry for your loss in Macon, but we love the Braves up here. It has turned out pretty good. Great baseball and a good part-time security job for some of us. Minor league baseball is definitely better than fighting traffic and huge crowds at a major league park. I used to live in Chattanooga and went to see the Lookouts games on a regular basis.


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                            We've got a ton of minor league teams in FL.

                            Locally, we have the Twins minor league team, the Miracle (as seen in the movie Major League 3), and the Texas Rangers minor league team.

                            We are one of few, if not the only, cities to have 2 major league teams for spring training. The Twins and the Red Sox.

                            Bringing in the BoSox was a mistake on thie cities part. They built a brand new stadium for them, thinking that they'd also have a minor league team. They'd forgotten to check the league rules, which prohibit another team to come into the established teams area. The area is a 50 mile circle from home plate.

                            Well guess what? The Miracle didn't want the competition for tickets, so no BoSox minor league team and the stadium is basically useless except during spring training and a rare special event.

                            I see a Miracle game once or twice a year. Tickets are cheap and even though I'm not a baseball fan anymore, I still enjoy the game.


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                              I have only been to one Boise Hawks game ..I was 8 months pregnant and I dont know what I was thinking! It was fun, but awfully hot.
                              My cousin used to play for the Beloit Brewers back in the late 80's...I never saw him. I do have his baseball card, though. My father-in-law played for the Cardinals minor League team. Back in Texas, we used to go see the Round Rock Express ..Round Rock is a little suburb kind of thing in Austin. I think Nolan Ryan has something to do with them....probably owns them , for all I know.
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