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  • Boxing Fans?

    Anybody check out the heavyweight fight on Saturday night? I had a whole room full of cops at my house watching the fight instead of answering calls during those 6 rounds.

    Klitschko impressed the hell out of me. I really think he would have knock out Lewis had the fight not been stopped. That's what ESPN thinks also.

    Of course, if history repeats itself, Lewis will kick the crap out of Klitschko in the rematch, just like he did with Rahman.


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    Lewis (as much as I dislike him and hate to admit it) is a much better fighter than the Ukranian. He has a heavier punch and a lot better movement. He simply did not train for the fight; look at how overweight he was. He was looking to fight a Mr Nobody, then that guy got hurt and he underestimated his next opponent.

    Did you check out the post-fight interview with that little weasel, Larry Merchant? As disgraced as Lewis was and with the amount of needling he was giving Lewis, I was hoping he would punch Merchant in the mouth.

    You could tell Lewis even had a hard time trying to say he won the fight. That whole bit about how he was about to knock out Klitschko and "he was about to go down" was even hard for Lewis to say. He should have just admitted he didn't train and that big ol' commie was hard to fight.

    It was nice to see Lewis actually fight someone his size and get knocked around. Like you said though, the next time he'll probably put Klitschko down quick. Either that or his side will say "the money isn't right" and he'll refuse to give him a rematch.
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      haha Yeah, I was afraid Larry Merchant was going to suffer from 'head being separated from body syndrome' during that interview.


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