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OMG! The freakiest thing just happened...


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  • OMG! The freakiest thing just happened...

    I was posting on this website in the study room, and I happen to see headlights come down into the cul-de-sac. I turn off the lights and watch the car as the driver stops the car and turns off the headlights. He stays there for about 30 seconds, then turns the lights on, then turns then back off and sits there for another 30 secs, then drives off without lights.

    I'm thinking "OK. That's really weird." I tell my dad, and he says to keep an eye out.

    About 2 minutes later, the car comes back, stops in front of the house again, turns off the lights, and sits there. This time he sits there for about 15 secs, then turns on the lights and zooms up the street. again

    That time daddy called the cops. He called in a suspicious vehicle. About 3 mins after the call, the car comes back again. This time he keeps driving, but is doing about 5 mph up the street. once more

    I saw the cruiser circle around in front of our house and park at the top of the street about 3 mins later, but the car was gone and it hasn't come back yet.

    It's been a weird Sunday, and it's just now after midnight!

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    If we're not supposed to eat animals, why are they made out of meat?

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    Sounds like he either has the wrong address or your house is being cased.
    I remember getting a phone call from a "Mr. Casey" a few times, wanting to talk to my H who was not home but I said he could not come to the phone. Something was hinky about it. He asked if he had an office out of the house but I told him his office was IN the home. He called back and I finally recognized the voice as a resident troublesome teenager in the neighborhood. He was just trying to find out when the house was unoccupied. I finally told him I knew it was him and I was alerting all the other neighbors to these phone calls too. The calls stoped.


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      I don't think that this is unheard of, but could it have been a drug deal about to go down?

      About 8 years ago, a friend and myself, along with his grandparents, went to a rental lake house. While we were out fishing, we met a seemingly nice man and woman who made for nice conversation. The four of us, the couple, myself and a friend were on the deck fishing when we saw a boat off in the distance and a bright light as if it was a reflection of some sort during the middle of the day. Turned out, it was a reflection from a mirror. Dealers were attempting to bring in a few thousand dollars worth of drugs to land.

      Later, the place was surrounded by law enforcement. That nice couple was placed under arrest for posession of drugs among other charges. The couple had a few thousand dollars in cash in their room to boot. Go figure.


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        I have no idea what was going on. We live in the suburbs in a neighborhood with just 50 houses on two streets. We are presently starting a neighborhood watch program. The population here is not even 100,000. This place isn't really infested with "roaches", so when a "roach" is roaming the neighborhood in a car in the middle of the night, I'm on guard.
        If we're not supposed to eat animals, why are they made out of meat?


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