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Man who videotaped arrest is hospitalized


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  • Man who videotaped arrest is hospitalized

    This is all getting to be TOO much! now he has *lawyers* (plural!) after his own arrest, and they're trying to say he was roughed up.


    ...i'm gonna go outside for some fresh air and sun...

    The story:

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    "You did what you knew how to do...and when you knew better, you did better." ~~Maya Angelou

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    I guess this is his version of retaliation.

    Is it just me or does this guy have pansy written all over him. Apparently all they found at the hospital was a minor abrasion. (self inflicted?)The article says he was "hustled" into the police vehicle. Love the verbage He screamed for his life the whole way so how surprised should we be that this follows. Obviously anything is POSSIBLE but is it likely? I'm thinking not.

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      Education is nothing without experience to back it up.


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        You got that on videotape?
        Prove it pal!
        Actually, it was. He got hooked in front of the CNN building. A security cam on another building caught it. There wasn't too much except the DA Investigators (yes, District Attorney Investigators, not LASD, not Inglewood PD) cuffing him and putting him an unmarked car.

        The phone exchange between him and the DA was absolutely hilarious! Crooks said he was afraid for his life, the DA asked why. Crooks said because he felt that the police had it out for him. The DA promised that he wasn't going to jail, all he had to do was be at the grand jury (yeah, maybe a little white lie there!). Crooks ended up hanging up on the DA. As he left the CNN building, he got picked up.

        Ya know, when you sit there and put yourself in the spotlight, make sure your s*** is wired tight. Also, don't taunt and tease.


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          The guy Crooks is setting himself up to sue anybody with deep pockets. He is a petty thief (stealing his Mom's property ); clearly is the type that will see himself as a victim of the Great Oppressiors .

          Cut him a check and he will disappear.

          Jim Burnes


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            He's gonna be circling the bowl for some time, I'm afraid.


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              I too hate a turd that won't go down.


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                That is just the biggest piece of crap article that I have ever read. It's full of bias and slander. What a crock.

                On the wings of a dove
                Let's roll for justice
                Let's roll for truth
                Let's not let our children grow up
                Fearful in their youth -- Neil Young


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                  What a worm. The Sacramento Kings hat, the skinny, skate rat look. Hell, it's not the jailers he should worry about it's Maurice the ex semi-pro football player he shares the gen pop housing area with! Aren't his 15 mins over yet? What a weasel.
                  I'm starting to think he knew all along that it would take some creative editing (note that he's been LIVING at a production studio, supposedly out of fear) to make him look good. Bad thing is, Morse is still going to get railroaded by the feds. Clinton, Bush, still the same "we need votes" attitude.
                  Assuming all is true and Morse got grabbed in the jimmies, maybe I will soften my initial stance that the punch was not warranted. I believe my force continuum calls that an appropriate use of force, not matter how barbaric it looks.
                  I just hope the officers ALL give an honest account. Just the facts without editing. The kid's attorneys are going to float theory after theory, conspiracy after conspiracy and mental defect after mental defect to cloud the issue.
                  Of course a previous post had it right when tactical positioning to prevent such jimmy abuse would have been appropriate.
                  "A man's got to know his limitations" --Inspector Harry Callahan in Magnum Force


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                    Poor baby. He got a boo-boo somehow. I think I'll sit down and cry.


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