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Cops beat teen boy, mom's suit says


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  • Cops beat teen boy, mom's suit says

    Can't say too much since this is my dept....but, it didn't happen like this

    A lawsuit says the child was beaten for insulting the wife of a Larksville husband-wife police team.
    [email protected]

    A woman is suing Larksville and two of its police officers in federal court, alleging they beat her 13-year-old son for insulting one officer's wife.
    Eric Ide, now 14, of Plymouth, was arrested Sept. 14, 2002, on suspicion of underage drinking in or near the parking lot of Thomas' Market. Married officers Michael and Patti O'Donnell made the arrest together, according to the lawsuit filed this week in United States District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania.

    Ide used "abusive language" against Patti O'Donnell during the arrest, a factor the lawsuit said provoked her husband to violently remove Ide from the police vehicle at the station and physically assault him. The suit also contends that officer James Dwyer joined in the assault, which the Ides say was unprovoked.

    Chief Anthony Kopko was on vacation and unavailable for comment.

    Though Eric's mother, Cynthia, said she didn't want to go into detail without consulting her lawyer first, she said she photographed "horrifying" marks the officers left on his body. She said Eric was forced to complete four months of military boot camp after the incident.

    The suit also contends that a borough policy or custom of allowing married police officers to work the same shift increases "risk to the public of retailiatory action on the part of a spouse because of the treatment of the other spouse in tense and volatile situations."

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    The kid shoulda kept his mouth shut


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      I don't think it's a good idea for a husband and wife to work together. My company does not allow relatives to work in the same department.
      Bill R


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        Whats the difference between a husband and wife working opposed to people who are close friends, be it a male/male friend, female/female friend or male/female friend???


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          Quite possibly very little, but if something such as the forementioned incident occured, it can be made to appear as though it impaired the male officer's judgement.

          As it stands in reality, it is rather odd... If someone I was with suddenly got assaulted, I wouldn't think [i]"Hmmmmm, this isn't my wife, so how should I tailor my response?..[/i"
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            Yeah, I'm shocked a husband and wife are allowed to work in such close proximity to each other. We have several husband/wife teams on our department, but they don't work in the same precincts, let alone the same squad.



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              Well.....the kid didn't get his *** kicked because of anyting he said or did to the female officer.

              Although he should have.....first, he was under the influence and fighting with an 18 year old....which is where most of his "minor cuts and bruises" came from.

              When the officers showed up they tried to run....he, tried climbing over a yanked down and handcuffed.....he was still fighting (more minor cuts and scrapes)

              Then he started shooting off at the mouth to her...."why don't you suck me %%%% b#tch...etc, etc) which......led to nothing happening. Plus alot more back at the station.

              He even demanded the officers take off thier badges so he could kick thier @sses. The juvenile judge who heard the case was furious. He reamed the mother out......and the kids. Saying if a snot nosed ked ever did that to him, he'd glady have taken off the badge (I"m sure that was said more for effect than anything else).

              The mother is suing because she has no money and figures to make a quick 10-20k from the borough. Hopefully they'll decide to fight know how insurance companies love to settle......rather than prove the people wrong.


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                Sounds like his mother should have whipped him some.
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                  eric idle??? you mean the guy from monty python???

         was eric IDES!!

                  [ 06-23-2003, 10:04 AM: Message edited by: nickg ]
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