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15 minutes he didn't bargain for


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  • 15 minutes he didn't bargain for

    Can you believe THIS?
    check the story

    It just seems logical that if there are outstanding warrants for your arrest and you bring attention to yourself you WILL be served. Am I wrong?

    "he feared for his life" they said

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    This topic is already open.
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      We've had people call in to make a report on an offense. The dispatcher or officer checked warrants on the complainant & wound up arresting them. While it is proper & does clear your files, it hurts your department to have people going around telling their friends that they were the victim of a crime but THEY got arrested, usually in their own home. People need to understand that there are consequences to their bad behavior & those consequences can come at any time. You know the view the media will take with this. The department was getting back at the video photographer. Never mind the fact that he had violated the law. Seems to be the same view they have of the suspect.


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        Originally posted by leedesert:
        This topic is already open.

        It's worth repeating.


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          Another attorney, Ralph Harrison II, said the way Crooks was picked up by authorities is “sending a message out saying that anyone who comes to the aid of an African-American being beaten by the police will be punished.”
          Crooks had failed to appear before the grand jury Thursday morning after telling a local radio program that he feared for his life.

          “All we’re doing is arresting him on the basis of a warrant. If there had not been a warrant, we would have escorted him to the grand jury,” district attorney’s spokeswoman Sandi Gibbons said.

          Now here is my opinion:

          It would seem that anyone with common sense could see that this dude had warrants for petit larceny and DUI is why he was picked up! But the press always has to sell copies so they make it a racial issue! That is really disturbing to me. And we sometimes wonder why the public is so downon us as police officers LOL
          We must use time wisely and forever realize that the time is always ripe to do right.

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            Sure is a small world isn't it. I wonder how he feels right now having his *** in the sling. Guess he got paid enough for his tape to hire a good lawyer.
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