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Countersuing the dirtbags


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  • Countersuing the dirtbags

    Given that we police can and will get sued for so much does anyone know of the rights or success rates of police countersuing the bad guys. If a bad guy assaults me while I'm trying to arrest him on a valid charge then haven't my rights been violated?

    Now granted with most of these guys and their low incomes we would be lucky to get $10.00 by the time the laywers got done but still is the principle of the idea sound?

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    That's the problem the dirtbags don't have nothing to collect if you win the suit except there used needles or a stolen car.
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      Where I was an officer we had a female officer savagely attacked by a coked up man. He broke her jaw, among other things, took her PR24 and got on top of her on the ground and pounded her head into the concrete.

      She shot him when she began to black out. He died, but when backup officers arrived she was giving first aid.

      This pukes estranged family sued for several hundred thousand.

      The officer counter-sued (can you say great attorney) and WON!!!!!!

      She has to date never collected a penny...but she WON.

      If someone files a false complaint against you, sue 'em! Someone assaults you...sue'em.
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        In WI if you file a complaint against an officer and it is deemed to be false, you can be CRIMINALLY CHARGED! A friend (when he first got promoted) had EVERY officer on his shift get a complaint filed on them for the same incident (even his dog got complained against). The complaint was investigated quite thoroughly by their LT. In the end, the female who filed the complaint was found to be lying her *** off. The LT filed criminal charges against her for the situation. The DA prosecuted and she pled, got some probation for it. Got jail time and fines for the other charges stemming from the incident.

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          I was dispatched to a call where the complainant came out and wanted to shake hands. I have a strong habit of not shaking hands, unless your a fellow officer. Well this person calls my Sgt. to file a complaint that I was rude and made false statements about my conduct. I adviced my Sgt. that she knew my history and how I treated everyone. I advised her to call him back and advise his to file a formal complaint with IA, but to also advise him that at the same time I would be contacting my FOP attny and I would sue him for defamation of character and then seek criminal charges for filing a false report. When she advised him of this, he backed off and apologized for taking up our time. Nice to be able to respond back at these creeps.


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