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  • The cookers are cooking:)

    I just LOVE seeing these big companies sweating it finally. The cooking of the numbers had gone on too long and it was the little people that suffered.
    In my H's company, men with 20-30 years of loyal service were booted. And the thing that really ticked me off were the ra-ra acts and LIES of management.
    People were assured they had jobs AND THEY DIDN'T. But not only did management have jobs, they were getting multimillion dollar bonuses! Let me tell you, it was hell on earth. One poor man lost his job and found out his wife had breast cancer the same day. We were trying to deal with our sons brain surgery when my H was told he lost his job. And you know how they told him? This is a man of much dignity and fair play who had given them 25 years of loyal service....He gets a phone call saying, "Sorry, Buddy, you're out". It was heartwrenching.
    It was like a death in our family. My H has found a new job, less pay, more traveling, harder work. But he was one of the lucky ones.
    Some of these poor men had to take jobs so far beneath what they were used to. One man who made $60,000 a year was forced to take a job at $20,000 a year as severance was runnug out and he needed insurance.
    One thing that was a lesson hard learned was NEVER LIVE ABOVE YOUR MEANS. We, and a few like us, were lucky because we have never lived above our means. But some people had to sell their homes, cars and other stuff they had worked so hard for.
    But NOW, it's coming to light that the number cookers may have just cooked their gooses. There's something wrong when a man of 25 years loses his job and a man that worked for the company 5 years gets an 18 million dollar bonus.
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    Good for you. It's just whether these guys that stole all the money will get any jail time. I doubt they will get more than 6 months in a country club.
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      I'm glad WorldCom went under. They double billed me, harrassed me, and continued to charge me for services never provided. I contacted a lawyer literally the day before their collapse was announced. Their going under probably saved me some legal fees. I feel sorry for the "little guys" who didn't deserve to get screwed like this, but the company itself? Good riddance to bad rubbish.

      Also, any thoughts on Dick Cheney getting caught up in this? He was the CEO of Halbright (sp?) which apparently "cooked the books" too ... and had Arthur Anderson as their accountants. Think he should see jail time if he had anything to do with it?

      [ 07-11-2002: Message edited by: Crazy in a Jeep ]


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        It's good to see these companies finally coming under the scrutiny they deserve... Though I feel really sorry for the 17,000 World Com employees who are soon to be unemployed.
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          I agree with the sentiment-it pee's me off that the richest companies have to be "richer" even by fraud.

          However, I'm sickened that Congress is calling for more "feel good" laws (as they often do in substituting MORE gun laws in place of true crime control whenever there is a high profile case.)

          Is it not already against the law to do what they did? You can't convince me that NO ONE in Congress EVER knew that higher ups in some of these might have been doing this. But BOYEEEEE! Let CNN bring a reporter in and they HAVE to enact more laws to stop this!

          I hope no one thinks I'm condoning the actions of the companies...just hate laws made for no other reason than to justify Congressional salaries. Any new laws won't affect any of these anyway, nor any act committed right up till they're enacted.

          [ 07-12-2002: Message edited by: SGT Dave ]
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            I believe that your right Dave. I think it is funny how congress will jump on a band wagon and make up some law that is already covered by another law.

            On the other hand the effect it is having on the market might make one think hmmmm time to get into it while it is soo down. LOL

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