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  • NYPD Test Results?

    I was wondering if anyone knows how long it takes for the NYPD test results to be determined and published, and where I can find out how I did. I took the test on October 23 and have been waiting anxiously for my results in the mail, but nothing yet. Just curious if anyone knows how long it takes, or where the results may be available, as I have my heart set on joining the NYPD and have been on pins and needles for a while now in regard to the exam. Thanks.

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    You will get a notice on the mail from the company that runs the civil service for NYPD. That can take some time. Do a search on the forum as this topic has been discussed many of times.
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      Originally posted by So Fla Cop
      Just kidding (somewhat). Good luck. People join the NYPD because they want to do what others will only dream about doing. That is THE job. Be prepared for the good and bad.
      That was the job, now half of the department runs for the suburbs. Yes, its a BIG place with lots of specialized units, but in the NY area, its nowhere near 'the' job anymore.


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        Well, that's basically what I'm looking for. My family has a long history of service to New York City - Cops, Firemen, Corrections officers, etc. I'm only 20, so if I do make the job in the nexy 2-3 years, I'll definitely be living with my folks for a while until I can stand on my own two feet. With the rents in NYC, I'm not even going to think about getting by on $25K. From what I understand, the pay goes up to a livable wage if you stick out the first few years, so hopefully it will work out for me. I want to see action, I want to go home every night knowing I busted my *ss to keep the streets of my city, the greatest city on Earth, safe. I know it's impossible to duplicate the sort of sh*t NYC Cops see in the civilian life, but I've worked as a bouncer in some pretty tough places. I'm a rough and tumble sort of guy; I don't have any problem getting ym hands dirty. I wouldn't feel fulfilled getting paid $60-70K for writing parking tickets and busting keg parties. I admire the NYPD to no end, and there's nothing in the world that would make me prouder than wearing a shield and walking the beat on the streets of this incredible city.


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          NYPD test results

          I can easily understand your anxiety about the NYPD test. I don't know much "lag time" there is between the exam and you being notified of the results. Sounds like you have a family tradition of service to the City of New York, and that's great. You mentioned in your post about being, or having been a bouncer. Take the advice of an old retired cop, and try to stay away from that. It can get you in a world of crap in a minute, and you don't need that. Best of luck in your efforts.


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            you should get your response in 3 months from test date. You will probably have an opportunity to go down to the initial processing within a couple weeks of notification.


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              3 to 8 months

              I knew some people who took a test in September of one year, and never got results or a call till May of the next year. There are many applicants, so relax. I took exam 4022 in June 2005 and got my results on January 10, 2006.

              Me and an old college classmate are going in together and will be renting an apartment. I see that as the only way to get by on the embarrassing 25k a year the city offers. A city of such size and scope in the world should get off its *** and fix its budget and give the rookies a start of at LEAST $45,000 a year.

              The Staten Island Ferry deckhands made more than a cop... thats sad.


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                for the nassau county test it took almost a year to get the results by mail, but the NYPD done at the testing center gives you the score right after you are done


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                  I took the test about 14 years or so (give or take) in June and didn't get anything in the mail till March....I had heard that there were test results in one of the NYC papers listing everyone who passed so I found out that way...I actually ended up testing for Phoenix 3 months after, went through the hiring process, got hired and a week before making my move NYPD contacted me and told me they had an Academy start date in May...I started with Phoenix the end of March 97. So as you can see it will take awhile have patience.


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